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Eadweard Muybridge: Motion Studies. Eadweard Muybridge was one of the most preeminent and innovative photographers of his day. This computer interactive software contains over 900 plates from his pioneering photographic studies of movement. 1990. 30 min. Video/D 18. Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Earl Cunningham exhibition at the Orlando Musem of Art is a 26-minute VHS recording of the Earl Cunningham exhibit at the Orlando Museum of Art. Features narration by, and recollections of collectors Michael and Marilyn Mannello.

Earl Cunningham: The Dragon of St. George Street from WFME is a 60-minute documentary that tells the story of Earl Cunningham. "Known as a primitive artist, Cunningham was essentially a self-taught memory painter who utilized a unique visionary technique to record his adventures as a wanderer and mariner. The program uses the ocean and nautical symbols and metaphors to characterize the art and the artist

Earl Erik Heikka, Sculptor of the American West is a documentary movie on the sculptor's life and art produced by the Heikka Art Foundry in 1978. Filmed and directed by Dan Agulian, written and narrated by Mike C. Heikka, shot on locations in California, Colorado, Montana and New York

E. Charlton Fortune, 1885-1969 is a 22-minute video produced in 2002 by the Carmel Art Association, narrated by William H, Gerdts, based on the 2001 exhibition of the work of the artist.

Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey is a 56-minute video that "...follows Payne from his childhood in the Ozark Mountains, through his years in Chicago, and on to his discovery of the California landscape that became his lifelong inspiration. Producer/director Joshua Hassel and writer/narrator Michael Paglia created the film in association with the Pasadena Museum of California Art, and with the curators and scholars behind the touring exhibition of the same name." - Quote from Pasadena Museum of California Art website.

Edmund C. Tarbell: Pursuing His Passion. 30 minutes. Available through Currier Museum of Art.

Ed Ruscha is the taping of a June 29, 2000 lecture by the artist at the Hirshhorn Museum. The Hirshhorn Museum Library's web page contains a video clip from the lecture.

Ed Ruscha: 4 Decades. 58 minutes, color. From Michael Blackwood Productions, Inc. "Ed Ruscha made his very first art in his native Oklahoma, but soon became attracted to Los Angeles. Curator Margit Rowell has examined his extensive body of work and created a brilliant exhibition of his seldom seen drawings. Rowell visits Ruscha in his studio, looking at new paintings with the artist, discussing his progress over the decades and asking him to comment on the many milestones in his large retrospective exhibition." (quotes from

Edward Hopper. The iconic paintings and artistic impact of Edward Hopper (1882-1967) are the topics for a 30-minute 2007 documentary DVD accompanying the exhibition Edward Hopper on its national tour. Narrated by the award-winning actor, writer, and Hopper art collector Steve Martin and produced by the National Gallery of Art, the film will accompany the exhibition in all three venues: the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (May 6 through August 19, 2007); the National Gallery of Art, Washington (September 16 through January 21, 2008); and The Art Institute of Chicago (February 16 through May 11, 2008). At the National Gallery, the film will be shown in its entirety in the East Building auditoriums, dates to be announced. A 15-minute version of the film will be shown continuously in a theater inside the exhibition. The documentary includes archival footage of Hopper, new footage of places that inspired him in New York and New England, including his boyhood home in Nyack and his studio on Washington Square, where he lived and worked for more than 50 years. From their New York studios, artists Red Grooms and Eric Fischl discuss Hopper's influence on their careers. Co-curators of the exhibition -- Carol Troyen, John Moors Cabot Curator of American Paintings, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Judith Barter, The Field-McCormick Chair of American Art at The Art Institute of Chicago -- as well as independent scholar Avis Berman, author of Hopper's New York, discuss recent and diverse perspectives on Hopper's art. Hopper's passion for the movies, particularly film noir classics from the 1930s such as The Public Enemy , is revealed in the film, which also shows the influence of Hopper's work on the set designs of filmmakers who came after him, including Alfred Hitchcock and Wim Wenders.

Edward Hopper: The Silent Witness. Great American realist painter Edward Hopper emerges In this thoughtful 43 minute docudrama. It traces his steps along the Eastern seaboard using his works, from museums like the Whitney, the Art Institute of Chicago and MOMA, as clues to his Itinerary. "Dramatizes the life of American painter Edward Hopper (1882--1967) in his Cape Cod studio. Shows locations that may have inspired the subjects of his paintings including empty cityscapes and countrysides, the stark light of Cape Cod, silent hills and houses, and themes of alienation and loneliness." Edward Hopper: The Silent Witness is available through the Sullivan Video Library at The Speed Art Museum which holds a sizable collection of art-related videos available to educators at no charge.


Edward J. Steichen is a 1998 Museum of Modern Art by J. Thiltges from Kultur Video. "Considered by many to be the greatest portrait photographer of the 20th Century. He was a major cultural force of the modem age not only photographing prominent figures but reinventing modern fashion and war photography. Silver Award, Houston Film Festival. " (quote from Media for the Arts -

Edward Steichen is a 30-minute video from the Kultur Video Masters of Photography series. Steichen was 86 in 1964 when he was interviewed for this film. He discusses his unbelievably long and varied career, including fine art, fashion, portrait, combat, and aerial photography. (video description courtesy of International Center of Photography)

Edward S. Curtis Portfolio is a 60-minute video on the photography of Edward S. Curtis, who devoted 35 years of his life to photographing and documenting the vanishing race of the North American Indian. A printed text provides identification of each image. (quote courtesy Plains Art Msueum)

Edward S. Curtis: The Shadow Catcher. A profile of photographer, anthropologist and filmmaker Curtis, who spent 34 years recording the American Indian tradition. Between 1896 and 1930 Curtis collected interviews and original Indian stories, recorded some 10,000 songs and took 40,000 pictures many of which are used in the production. c1993. 89 min. Video/C 353. Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Eight: The American Independence Movement, The. A 5 minute 1991 survey of paintings by The Eight, a group of artists .attemptlng to break out of the art establishment that dominated the early part of the 20th Century. The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC.

Elbert Hubbard: An American Original, is a 57-minute WNED-TV Channel 17 documentary released in 2009. It was directed by Paul Lamont. PBS says: "The life of Elbert Hubbard is a story of love, art, passion and controversy set against the backdrop of the Arts and Crafts Movement at the turn of the 20th century. As the flamboyant founder of the Roycroft artisan community in East Aurora, New York, Hubbard was an influential national figure who died as dramatically as he lived."

Elbert Hubbard: Rebel of the Arts and Crafts Movement is a 60-minute PBS Educational video rleleased in 2009. PBS says: "In 1894, Elbert Hubbard founded the Roycroft artisan community in East Aurora, New York. With a seemingly cavalier toss, he threw away his lucrative career to champion the ideals of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Some hailed him as a prophet and a philosopher; others called him a charlatan and a fraud. Did he truly believe and espouse the ideals of Arts and Crafts? Or did he exploit them for his own advancement and search for immortality?"

El Favor de los Santos: The Sacred Iconography of Retablos and Exvotos is a 57 minute video from 2002 described by Madison Art Shop as follows: "With the introduction of Christianity to the Aztec peoples, a new kind of religious iconography arose: retablos and exvotos. Traditionally painted on tin, retablos tell of the lives of the saints while exvotos give thanks for miracles granted. This program brings together art historians, preservationists, and religious practitioners to look at the stories embedded in these paintings and their significance for those who pray to them. Among those interviewed are Refugio I. Rochin, director of Latino Initiatives at the Smithsonian Institution; Father Manuel Olimon Nolasco, director of the National Commission of Sacred Art, Mexico; and Charles Lovell, director of the New Mexico State University Art Gallery."

Eliot Porter's World Traces the life and work of American nature photographer Eliot Porter (1901--1990) from his early years in Maine to his later visits to Antarctica and China. 30-minute video. Description source: Amon Carter Museum Teacher Resource Center

Elizabeth Catlett: Sculpting the Truth. A 28 minute L&S 1998 documentary profile of the prominent sculptor Elizabeth Catlett, whose work in wood, stone and terra cotta Is inspired by women of the world. Her exceptional sculptures of mothers, workers and children have placed Catlett as an Important figure In the pantheon of African-American artists. "Attributing her art directly to difficulties in life she faced as a black woman, Elizabeth Catlett sculpted "the truth" with flawless technique from wood, stone, and terra cotta. This video provides a personal look at the life and sculpture of Catlett. It shows her working in her studio while explaining and describing her art and life. Faith Ringgold adds commentary." ISBN 1-882660-14-5 Elizabeth Catlett: Sculpting the Truth is a video available through the Sullivan Video Library at The Speed Art Museum which holds a sizable collection of art-related videos available to educators at no charge.

Ellen Lanyon: Transformations. This 15-minute video shows Ellen Lanyon working in her New York studio, discussing the transformation of nature and culture in her work, sources of imagery, her training as an artist, and her interest in environmental issues. In the video, Lanyon discusses forces that have informed her art: her early childhood in Chicago; her education and work as a draftsman; travels to the Everglades, which heightened her concerns for environmental issues; children's literature; her neighbor Mr. Miller who introduced concepts of magic; and her collection of bric-a-brac acquired from family and flea markets. Art historian and exhibition curator Debra Bricker Balken provides contextual information about Lanyon's contribution to the arts. (text courtesy National Museum of Women in the Arts)

Ellis Wilson-So Much To Paint is a 60 minute KET production tells the story of a little-known African-American artist who, in both his life and his art, paved the way for others to come. This documentary puts Ellis Wilson and his work into both historical and artistic contexts. A pioneer in his choice of subject matter, Wilson was also a stylistic innovator who used bold geometric shapes and bright colors to celebrate the dignity and the hopes of ordinary people. His story also offers insights into the creative impulse and will spark discussion on the purposes, subjects, and impacts of works of art.

Emma Amos: Action Lines is a 28 minute L&S Video hosted by Anna Deavere Smith, created and produced by Linda Freeman and written and directed by David Irving. An African-American artist of incredible strength, color and dramatic palette, Emma Amos paints pictures based on her feelings and fears. She includes materials such as photographs, her own weaving, and African cloth to help portray what is important to her. ISBN 1-882660-12-9

End of the Art World. Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Michael Snow, Roy Lichtenstein and other prominent artists are the subject of this 35 minute 1971 film by Alexis Krasilovsky, "WIth a quality of humor possible only with depth of understanding, Alexis Krasilovsky presents a catalogue of interviews with modem artists in which the shooting style as well as the aural material's format rehearses the personal styte, the aesthetics, and the assumption of each artist about the nature of his art" (Artforum). Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Enrique Martínez Celaya, Interview with Howard Fox, LACMA, Whale and Star, Los Angeles, California, 2000. One hour. Color. (left cover photo)

Enrique Martínez Celaya, A Walkthrough with the Artist at The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, Whale and Star, Los Angeles, California, 2001. Two hours, Forty minutes. Color. (center cover photo)

Enrique Martínez Celaya, Studio Days, Media Art Services, Venice, California, 2001. Filmed and Edited by Peter Kirby. Thirty minutes. Color. (right cover photo)

Eric Fischl (c) 2004, running time: 28 minutes. DVD. Program 60 from Art/New York, which says of this video: "Eric Fischl is a painter of American disillusionments. Raised in suburbia, Fischl paints provocative vignettes and portraits of middle class lives. His paintings, a combination of David Lynch and Edward Hopper, are fraught with psychological insight and emotional ennui...Fischl has been a celebrated figure in the New York art world since the early 80's and he continues to paint and exhibit nationally and internationally. On this tape we see four recent exhibitions at the Mary Boone Gallery in New York, a 1984 interview with Fischl by noted art critic Peter Schjedahl as well as an interview conducted by Paul Tschinkel in 2002 at the artist's NY studio."

Etcher's Art: Frank W. Benson, The. In 1926, Harvard University shot a 23-minute silent film of Frank W. Benson creating his etching "Towering Widgeon," producing it for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. This rare footage follows the process from the artist's first sketch to his examination of the finished print ­ all shot in Benson's studio at his home in Salem. The film was later transferred to video format by John T. Ordeman, author of "Frank W. Benson: Master of the Sporting Print" and "Frank W. Benson's Etchings, Drypoints and Lithographs." (text courtesy Cahoon Museum of American Art)

Evening with Rafael Soyer, An is a video collected by the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in1982 and available through the museum's library.

Evelyn Cameron: Pictures From A Worthy Life is a DVD/VHS PBS-featured documentary film which tells the story of Evelyn Cameron, an extraordinary woman pioneer who left behind an unrivaled legacy -- thousands of photographic images and thirty-five years of diaries that detailed life in eastern Montana at the turn of the 20th century. From 1894 to 1928, Evelyn photographed the changing face of Montana -- horse and cattle drives, sheep herding, the wool trade, the railroad, and the arrival of homesteaders. Produced in high definition digital video by John Twiggs for KUFM/Montana PBS, UM Missoula. Text courtesy of (left cover photo)

Everything is Photograph: A Profile of Andre Kertesz (Masters of Photograpy) Explores the work of Kertesz who discusses his art and reminisces about his life in Hungary, central Europe in the First World War, and famous friends like Colette, Einstein, Chagall, and Mondrian. He then takes the viewer to the streets of New York to watch him shoot in his beloved Washington Square. c1989. 30 min. Video/C 5959. Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley.


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