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Cadmus, Portrait of an Artist, 1984. "This portrait of the 20th-century artist Paul Cadmus interweaves the artist's work with his life in New York City. It focuses on the artist as a human being, exploring his career, personal relationships, sources of inspiration, and in many cases his struggles to overcome the skepticism of critics and society." 64 minutes, color (text courtesy Georgia Museum of Art)

California Missions #110 - ART OF THE MISSIONS is a 28 minute 2000 video by Huell Howser Productions. "Over the years countless artists have depicted the California Missions in drawings, paintings, etchings and photographs. Huell visits the Huntington Library, which has one of the largest collections of Mission art in the world. We'll also visit Luis Tur, who has made 19 of the 21 Mission models using nothing but pieces of junk." Text courtesy of Huell Howser Productions.

California's Green #125 - SANTA BARBARA ARTISTS is a 28 minute 2006 video by Huell Howser Productions. "Some people talk about the environment. Others actually do something proactive about it... Like the group of 26 Santa Barbara artists who founded the Outdoor Airing Club more than 20 years ago. The O.A.K. Group, as it is known, is made up of artists who paint magnificent, unspoiled open spaces threatened by development. They then sell these art pieces at a special auction with 50 percent of the profits going to organizations in Santa Barbara County working to preserve our precious and unfortunately disappearing open, natural, landscape... Huell spends a day with some O.A.K. Group members as they painted in three different spectacular locales, and then attends the auction several months later. The resulting episode of California's Green is not only beautiful, bit inspirational as it shows how important a small but dedicated group of people who really care can be." Text courtesy of Huell Howser Productions.

Capturing Nureyev, James Wyeth Paints The Dancer is a 24 minute video featuring interviews with James Wyeth, and Clive Barnes. Directed and edited by Stephen Labovsky and produced by the Farnsworth Art Museum.

Cassatt: Portrait of an artist, 30 minutes, collection of Joslyn Art Museum

Celebrating the Land: The Art and Passion of Ray Strong. The Wildling Museum says "This is a 45 minute documentary produced by Greenelsh Productions for the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History in 1999 when the artist was 94 years old. Seeing the face and hearing the voice of this remarkable man speaking about himself, his art and his ideas, is a great treat."

Century of Quilts, A: America in Cloth This 2002 documentary written by Laurie A. Gorman and produced by Wisconsin Public Television for PBS Home Video celebrates the art of quilting by featuring selections from the best 100 American quilts of the 20th century, the stories behind their creation and the quilters as they work. The program travels across America to capture the artists at work in their studios and homes and tells the stories behind the creation of these treasures. Selections from these impressive works were sewn and shown together at the 1999 International Quilt Festival in Houston.

Charles Dana Gibson: Portrait of an Illustrator The "Gibson Girl," created by American illustrator Charles Dana Gibson, first appeared in 1890, and was the first popular image of the American woman. Her independent, self-assured spirit and beauty captivated the American imagination. This 28 minute 1997 Josiah Emery video, produced by Gibson's great-grandson, explores the origins of the Gibson Girl, with an in-depth look at her creator and his life's work. It features numerous pen-and-ink drawings, interviews with family members and illustration experts, plus rare archival footage of Gibson.

Charles Loloma & Helen Hardin. Presents the world famous Hopi jeweler Charles Loloma displays some of his work and discusses his heritage, and presents Helen Hardin painting sophisticated geometric patterns and traditional Indian motifs while exploring her attempt to integrate the Indian and artist parts of her self. 1988. 60 min. Video/C 1579. Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Charles E. Burchfield's World is a 28 minute L&S video created and produced by Linda Freeman and written and directed by David Irving, ISBN 1-882660-23-4. Share an insider's look at the life and art of Charles E. Burchfield, one of the greatest American painters. He developed his own private vocabulary of brushstrokes to convey nature's most delicate moods. "As an artist it is impossible for me to imagine anything better or more beautiful than painting this world." This documentary shows a visionary painter's life and journey that transcends reality into something extraordinary.

Charles M. Russell: An American Artist  19 minute / 1982 / BARR - "Charles M. Russell (1864-1926) was one of the foremost in documenting the American West. By the time he was 16 he followed his dreams to the mountains and plains of Montana, where he lived the life of a hunter and cowboy. Sketching and modeling were just a hobby for him, but he captured the West exactly as he saw it. Over the next 40 years, Russell created a treasure of American art-a record of the West so rich and personal that it remains as vivid for us today as it was for him at the turn of the century."

Charles Reid: Flowers in Watercolor is a 58 minute video featuring one of watercolor's best-loved teachers, a master painter whose signature style captures bright floral still-lifes with a loose spontaneity that adds immeasurably to the whole composition. In this video, Reid paints a still life demonstrating the way he achieves his spontaneous, fresh style from pencil contours and value studies to the interplay of color.

Charles Reid: Portraits in Watercolors a 58 minute video featuring Charles Reid showing viewers special skills in painting portraits. Shapes of color become alive as they intermix and the personalities and likeness of the subject begin to shine forth. VHS 58 minutes.

Chihuly. World renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly is the subject of six separate documentary programs included in this 177 minute collection. Each program presents the artist at work on a different project or exploring his craft with his team of collaborators. Included: Chihuly Niijima Floats, Chihuly in Action, Chihuly River of Glass, Chihuly Working with Lino Tagliapietra, Chihuly Atlantis and Chihuly Working with Pino Signoretto.

Chihuly and the Masters of Venice (DVD) Dale Chihuly (actor), Pino Signoretto (actor) and Peter West (director) Tower Video Title Note: "Dubbed "the Picasso of 20th-century glass," American sculptor Dale Chihuly has earned international acclaim for both his breathtakingly beautiful blown-glass sculptures and his collaborative approach to art and creativity. This documentary chronicles Chihuly's historic collaboration with Italian artisans Pino Signoretto and Lino Tagliapietra, two of the world's greatest living glass masters and experts in the ancient Venetian traditions of glassblowing." Studio: Portland Press. DVD Release Date: February 24, 2004

Chihuly at the V&A (DVD) Dale Chihuly (actor) and Peter West (director). Studio: Portland Press. DVD Release Date: February 24, 2004. Tower Video Title Note: "Dubbed "the Picasso of 20th-century glass," American sculptor Dale Chihuly has earned international acclaim for both his breathtakingly beautiful blown-glass sculptures and his collaborative approach to art and creativity. This documentary chronicles Chihuly's exhibition at the historic Victoria and Albert Museum in London, which began with a simple commission for one of the artist's trademark chandeliers and developed into a fullblown career retrospective of his work."

Chihuly DVD Collection is a 4-disc boxed set released in 2004, produced by the Museum of Glass. Each DVD is 60 minutes with an additional 30 minutes of special features. The videos explore the relationship of nature and glass as Chihuly and his team work in a variety of outdoor locations, and then install glass among the lush flora at Chicago's Garfield Park Conservatory. A comprehensive collection, the Chihuly DVD Collection is a globe-trotting adventure that leads to greater understanding of the man and his art. ASIN: B0000D1FJH.

Chihuly In Charlotte is a 2000 video directed by Stuart Grasberg and produced by WTVI, Charlotte Public Television..

Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem 2000 (DVD) Dale Chihuly (actor) and Peter West (director) Studio: Portland Press. DVD Release Date: February 22, 2004 . Tower Video Title Note: "Dubbed "the Picasso of 20th-century glass," American sculptor Dale Chihuly has earned international acclaim for both his breathtakingly beautiful blown-glass sculptures and his collaborative approach to art and creativity. This documentary chronicles Chihuly's installation of 14 glass sculptures in Jerusalem's ancient citadel for the 2000 millennium celebration."

Chihuly Over Venice is a 1998 PBS Home Video released by Home Vision Entertainment. The planning and realization of an ambitious project by renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly is documented in this absorbing PBS presentation. Chihuly collaborated with master glassblowers from four countries to achieve his collection of spectacular chandeliers for public display over the canals of Venice. From Finland to Ireland to Mexico to Italy, Chlhuly and the participatlng artisans join together for a creative 90 minute odyssey. An editorial review by Rob Lightner for says: "Dale Chihuly's gloriously organic glass sculptures grace galleries and public spaces around the world, and Chihuly over Venice follows the artist as he visits glassblowing studios across Europe and collaborates to create chandeliers for the first international Biennale of Glass in Venice. Behind-the-scenes glimpses of the hot, dirty work are cut in with shots of the canals and architecture of Venice to create a montage of a great artist working in a city with a long tradition of artistic excellence. We also get candid interviews with Chihuly and his assistants, which fill in the knowledge and history of the man himself, his work, and the community of glass artists in the Seattle area. Chihuly over Venice is a great package for anyone intrigued by the artistic process or enchanted by the sensuous curves of glass."

Chihuly River of Glass (DVD) Title Note from Tower Video: "Dubbed "the Picasso of 20th-century glass," American sculptor Dale Chihuly has earned international acclaim for both his breathtakingly beautiful blown-glass sculptures and his collaborative approach to art and creativity. This award-winning documentary follows Chihuly to glassblowing centers in America, Finland, Ireland, Mexico, and Italy, as he and his team of artisans create delicately crafted chandeliers to be released into the canals of Venice for a unique environmental art installation." Studio: Portland Press. DVD Release Date: February 24, 2004

Child of Giants: My Journey with Maynard Dixon and Dorothea Lange, a 2010 documentary by Tom Ropelewski, is a 97 min. DVD about the life of Daniel Dixon, the elder son of photographer Dorothea Lange and artist Maynerd Dixon. Distributed by Cinema Guild, 115 West 30th Street, Suite 800, New York, NY 10001; 212-685-6242

Children of Mary Cassatt is a 10 minute video featuring Mary Cassatt, who was one of America's greatest impressionists. She exhibited with them as an equal. But her paintings of children are peerless and unique. She alone reinvigorated the image of Madonna and Child, updating it in a modern idiom.

Christina's World, The Woman in the Andrew Wyeth Painting is a 60 minute video from 1992 Narrated by Julie Harris. Winner of four Emmys. Directed and edited by Stephen Labovsky and produced by Hudson River Film. This documentary discusses Christina Olson through interviews from friends and relatives. Christina's World is a video available through the Sullivan Video Library at The Speed Art Museum which holds a sizable collection of art-related videos available to educators at no charge.


Chuck Close, a 48-minute 1980 Chuck Close interview, re-edited in 2004, from the Video Data Bank, a resource for videotapes by and about contemporary artists.

Chuck Close: A Portrait in Progress. The world of contemporary artist Chuck Close is explored in this WNET/Thirteen 57 minute Marion Cajori 1998 behind-the-scenes look at his life and work. Traces the evolution of painter Chuck Close from his first series of black and white heads -- exhibited in 1969. Documents his recovery from a 1988 spinal injury and shows his acheivements since the injury. Follows Close into the contemporary art community of New York where he encounters Leslie Close, Philip Glass, Mark Greenwood, Alex Katz, Dorothea Rockburne, Kiki Smith and Robert Storr From MUSE Film and Television. Studio: Home Vision. Release Date: December 16, 2003. Also available as a DVD.

Chuck Close: Close Up is a 28 minute L&S video created and produced by Linda Freeman and written and directed by David Irving. Chuck Close paints oversized, closely cropped images. "As an artist I am interested in the face," says Close. Working from photographs and employing a grid system, he transfers these images to giant canvases. Partially paralyzed and with learning disabilities, Chuck Close's story is one of motivation and determination. He is a great American Artist who continually reinvents himself. 

Chuck Close: Eye to Eye (c) 1998, running time: 35 minutes. DVD/VHS. Program 48 from Art/New York, which says of this video: "On this program we look at the extraordinary career of CHUCK CLOSE, an artist, who for thirty years, has been making fascinating portraits of his family and friends. We see a selection of his work from his last two shows at the Pace-Wildenstein Gallery and visit the artist in his downtown studio where he is seen making a portrait of Robert Rauschenberg. Included are interviews with fellow artists JANET FISH, APRIL GORNIK, KENT FLOETER . Also included are interviews with his first art dealer KLAUS KERTESS, critic/poet JOHN YAU and ROBERT STORR, organizer of Close's retrospective at MoMA."

Claes Oldenburg is a 52 minute 1997 video directed by Gerald Fox and produced by RM Arts; London Weekend Television. Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen address the critics who question the nature of their collaborative work and Coosje's contribution to it. Claes Oldenburg is a look at the works and life of the artist whose giant soft sculptures based on food and domestic items helped define Pop Art. The video also features contemporaries Roy Lichtenstein, Jim Dine and other art experts. Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Claes Oldenburg: Large Scale Projects. He's reserved and quietly driven; she's energetic and outspoken. Together they explore the mystery and power of everyday objects by changing their sizes, shapes, and textures in surprising and unsettling ways. Claes Oldenburg and his wife and artistic collaborator, Coosje van Bruggen, have created many projects carried out in collaboration with the American architect Frank Gehry. The film shows various works from conception to installation. 1991. 56 min. Video/C 5873 Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Claes Oldenburg: The Formative Years. The film begins and ends with sculptor Claes Oldenburg attending one of his favorite events, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Oldenburg discusses his sources of inspiration and his work as he enjoys the inflated balloons, so suggestive of the exaggerated qualities of his own art. The film follows the progress of a commissioned outdoor sculpture, a colosssal baseball mitt. Also includes rare footage of his 1959 "Happenings" offering insight into his irreverent beginnings and artistic adventures. Produced and directed by Michael Blackwood. 2001. 52 min. Video/C 9106 Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Classic Maria Martinez: Native American Pottery Maker of San Ildefonso, available from the Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe. "Maria Martinez, noted Indian pottery maker demonstrates the traditional Indian ways, beginning with the spreading of corn pollen before clay is gathered. Also shown are the mixing of the clay, construction of pottery, hand decorating and building of the firing mound. This National Park Service film was a winner of CINE Golden Eagle; Certificate of Creative Excellence, U.S. Industrial Film Festival; Certificate Salerno International Film Festival; award second International Craft Film Festival. Running time is 27 minutes, DVD format. Available through the Fine Arts Museum, Santa Fe.

Collecting America: Folk Art and the Shelburne Museum. A 28 minute exploration of the thousands of American folk objects housed in Vermont's Shelburne museum. Narrated by Ann Sothern and hosted by John Wilmerding, the film plays homage to the craftsmanship of folk art. More than 100,000 art objects are housed in this unique museum dedicated to preserving American folk art history.

Come Unto Me: The Faces Of Tyree Guyton is a 30 minute 1999 HBO documentary chronicling the efforts of Detroit folk artist Tyree Guyton to revitalize a devastated neighborhood with colorful art and sculpture based on junk and other discarded objects. Directed by Nicole Cattell.

Comic Book Confidential. (CD-ROM/Mac). Performer: Lynda Barry, Charles Burns, Sue Coe, Robert Crumb, Will Eisner, Al Feldstein, Shary Flenniken, William M. Gaines, Bill Griffith, Jaime Hernandez, Jack Kirby, Harvey Kurtzman, Stan Lee, Paul Mavrides, Frank Miller, Victor Moscoro, Francoise Mouly, Dan O'Neill, Harvey Pekar, Gilbert Shelton, Spain, Art Spiegelman. Combines interviews, historical footage, animations and montages of comic book art to trace the development of the comic book from 1933 through counterculture favorites to the hippest representatives of the 1980's revival. 22 significant comic artists and writers are discussed. 1994. DVD 1272; also VHS Video/C 4193; Compu/D 334 (multimedia version) Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley. Preview this video here.[5:00]

Coming to Light: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indians, an in-depth portrait of Edward S. Curtis, the preeminent photographer of North American Indians is presented in an 56 minute 2000 American Masters series video directed by Anne Makepeace and co-produced by Anne Makepeace Productions, Inc. and WNET. "Tells the dramatic story of the life of pioneer photographer Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952), who set out in 1900 to document traditional Native American life. He created an enormous body of work-10,000 recordings, 40,000 photographs, and a full-length ethnographic motion picture. The film also gives Native Americans a voice in the discussion of Curtis' images." VHS/DVD

Confessions of Robert Crumb, The Interviews, monologues, and hilariously insightful vignettes written by Robert Crum are woven together to portray the life, work, and obsessions of this underground comic book pioneer. Crumb continues as an iconoclast who's loved, feared and misunderstood by an ever growing number of readers. Here he tells the story of his artistry that shocks and satirizes every strata and dark hole of society. 1987. 55 min. Video/C 8650. Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley. View this video here.[54:47]

Conversations with Henriette Wyeth is a 29 minute video in which Ms. Wyeth's life and career is discussed. The Wyeth name is a distinguished one in 20th century American art. Henriette Wyeth has established a long and successful painting career that now places her at the forefront of American realist painting.

Cowboy Art is a 55 minute video exploring this uniquely American genre which helped transform the cowboys and Indians legends into a mythology. Explores the revival of interest in this genre, and shows "cowboy artists" at work at a Pueblo village in New Mexico and at a round-up ranch in Texas."Profiles three cowboy artists who live and work in the American Southwest. Painter Gordon Snidow (b. 1936) in Texas; sculptor Joe Beeler (b. 1931) of Arizona; Gary Niblett (b.1943) paints scenes of Pueblo Indian culture in New Mexico." Description source: Amon Carter Museum Teacher Resource Center

Craft in America. This 2007 DVD from PBS Home Video includes 3 episodes: Memory, Landscape, and Community, shown in widescreen (16x9 aspect ratio). 180 minutes on 1 disc. PBS says: "This program explores the history and significance of the craft movement in the United States and its impact on the nation's cultural heritage. "Memory" focuses on the historical relevance of craft through the eyes of several contemporary pioneers in the field. "Landscape" examines the interdependent relationship of craft artists to their media and the natural world. "Community," highlights the social and emotional connections that crafts embody." Preview this video here.[9:48] The followwing clips are from the press conference conducted in March 2007 at KCET, the presenting PBS station for the series: Creator Carol Sauvion and featured artist Kit Carson [2:17]; Creator Carol Sauvion with featured painter and ceramic artist David Gurney sharing his Tree of Life [2:14]; Creator Carol Sauvion with master craftsman and artist Sam Maloof, creator of rockers for American Presidents [2:38].

Crafting an American Style is a 60 minute DVD from Crystal Productions which says: "Explore the beauty of handmade American crafts by examining the history of the American Arts and Crafts movement from 1900 to the present." Also available on VHS.

Creative Essence is a Cleveland Artists Foundation Video produced by: WCPN/WCLV and Nina Gibans. Nina Gibans is a lifelong resident of northeast Ohio. She has worked for cultural organizations in volunteer and professional capacities her entire career and has served on numerous civic and cultural boards of trustees. Her degree is in art history and aesthetics.

Crumb. A hilarious and mysterious journey through artistic genius and sexual obsession, Crumb is a wild ride through the mind of R. Crumb--cartoonist and creator of Zap Comix, Mr. Natural and Fritz the Cat. A Terry Zwigoff film. 1994. 55 min. DVD 7151; vhs Video/C 4274. Available from Media Resources Center, Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Currier & Ives: Perspectives on America is a 2007 3-part documentary series from WGBY, narrated by NPR's Scott Simon. Find out how a Massachusetts boy became the nation's 'Printmaker to the People' with images that not only reflected the face of America, but helped shape it. To view four film clips from each of the three programs, please click here. For other information on the project please click here.

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