Topics in American Art

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Railroad Patronage of American Artists


Regionalism in American Art

Religious Art

Representational Art (other): 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century

Retrospective Exhibits

Reverence as Virtue Expressed in American Art

Rhode Island Art History

Richmond Art Colony

Ridgefield Art Colony

Rock 'n Roll Art

Rockport Art Colony

Rocky Mountain Painting and Sculpture: 19th-21st Century

Roycroft Art Colony

Rural Life Paintings



San Diego Art Colony

San Francisco Area Art Colonies

Santa Barbara Art Colony

Santa Fe Art Colony

Scalp Level School

Scene Painting and Regionalism

Screen printing

Sculpture: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century

Sculpture, Animal
Sculpture, Figurative
Sculpture, Glass, Ceramic and Porcelain
Sculpture, Metal
Sculpture, Mixed-media
Sculpture, Paper
Sculpture, Stone
Sculpture, Unclassified
Sculpture, Wood

Seguinland Art Colony

Self-Taught Art

Shaping an Art Collection

Shinnecock Art Colony

Society of Six

South Carolina Art History

South Dakota Art History

Southern States Painting: 19th-21st Century. (for years 1997-2000 20-21st Century Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Painting includes Southeast and Southern American Painting)

Southwest Painting and Sculpture: 19th-21st Century

Spanish Colonial Revival Art

Sporting Art

St. Augustine Art Colony

Still Life Painting: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century


Swedish-American Art




Taos Art Colony

Tattoo Art

"The Eight"

"The Ten"

Tennessee Art History

Texas Art History


Thrift as Virtue Expressed in American Art

Tinware Art


Tools in Art

Trompe l'Oeil

American 20th-21st Century Art by Decades



United States of America Art History

Universal Exposition of 1900, Paris, France

Utah Art History



Vermont Art History

Videos Online

Videos in DVD format

Virginia Art History

Virtual Tours

American Visionary Art



Wartime and Military Art

Washington State Art History



Western Genre Art, 19th-21st Century

West Virginia Art History

White Mountains Art Colony

Wildlife Art: 18-19th Century, 19-20th Century, 20-21st Century

Wisconsin Art History

Women Artists

Wood Carving

Woodcut and Woodblock

Woodstock Art Colony

Works on Paper (Watercolor)

WPA Era Art

Wyoming Art History




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