Art History's out-of-body Experience

by Robert Cozzolino



(above: Vik Muniz (b. 1961), Charles Willson Peale from the series, Pictures of Ink, 2000), 60 x 45 inches, dye destruction print. Courtesy of the artist)


About the author:

Robert Cozzolino is Associate Curator at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.


About the exhibition:

For the past 15 years Brazilian-born artist Vik Muniz has photographed his own illusionistic drawings and sculptures and presented them in large scale prints. The Academy's Vik Muniz exhibition, Vik Muniz: Remastered, on exhibit September 17 - November 27, 2005 and curated by assistant curator Robert Cozzolino, features works that focus entirely on images from art history.


(above: Vik Muniz, Still Life with Apples, After Cezanne from Pictures of Magazines, 2004, chromogenic print, 72 x 97 1/2 inches. The West Collection)

Editor's note:

The above essay is reprinted September 26, 2005 in Resource Library with permission of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. The essay was written in conjunction with the exhibition, Vik Muniz: Remastered. If you have questions or comments regarding the essay, or wish to obtain a copy of the exhibition catalogue, please contact the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts directly through either this phone number or web address:

Resource Library wishes to extend appreciation to Mr. Dominic M. Mercier of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for his help concerning the above text.

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