Painting Summer in New England

April 22 - September 4, 2006



Wall texts for the exhibition:


"I have never lived anywhere else in America where the sense of space, the freedom it brought, was so intoxicating. Wellfleet [Massachusetts] and its ocean beach still answer . . . to some long-buried note in me to live with the outermost land, the ultimate coast, land's end."

-- writer Alfred Kazin, 1990


"If I lived in an apartment in New York City, I wouldn't know a tenth as many people as I know here on this island in Maine. The sea brings in fresh air. You feel that you're standing on the border between the human world and the rest of the universe."

-- writer Marguerite Yourcenar, 1980


"Provincetown [in 1913] was a new experience for me, and made me a continuing addict for the New England coast. [It] still retained a considerable vestige of its sea-faring past. On clear days the air and water had a brilliance of light greater than I had ever seen. . . ."

-- painter Stuart Davis, 1945


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