Robert Henri: La Reina Mora

by Michael Andrew Marlais




1. Henri showed the painting at the 102nd Annual Exhibition of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, January 21 - February 24, 1904. It was also in the 11th Annual Exhibition of the Carnegie Institute, April 11 - June 13, 1907, where it was illustrated in the catalogue. The painting appeared again in April, 1908 at the West Chester State Normal School in Chester Country, Pennsylvania. According to Henri's record book, now in the collection of Janet Le Clair, the painting was sold from the West Chester exhibition to a local collector by the name of Sharpless. The painting has been generally unavailable until its recent purchase in 1992 by the Colby College Museum of Art.

2. See Henri's address to the students of the School of Design for Women, Philadelphia, in 1901, in Robert Henri, The Art Spirit, Philadelphia, 1923, pp. 78-87; as well as his letter to the Art Students League class in 1915, ibid., pp. 20-33.

3. See Bennard Perlman, Robert Henri, His Life and Art New York, 1991, pp 69ff

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9. Letter from Henri to his family, Madrid, September 18, 1906.

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12. Letter to Henri's family, September 18, 1906, and letter to Sloan, September 23, 1906. 13 Henri Diary (Archives of American Art, reel 885) Thursday, September

13. and Friday, September 14, 1906.

14. Letter from Henri to his family, Madrid, September 18, 1906. 15 Letter from Henri to his family, Madrid, September 23, 1906. In his diary Henri noted that Moreno canceled successive sittings on September 17th, 18th and 19th. On the 19th he began a "memory portrait" of her, using the bust-portrait as model. He noted that it was "unfinished" and neither this nor the second full-length portrait were recorded in the artist's record book.


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  • Michael Andrew Marlais is James M. Gillespie Professor of Art at Colby College, Waterville, ME

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    Robert Henri's last name is pronounced as "HEN-rye."


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