January 3, 2006 Distributed Denial of Service Attack on Resource Library Internet Servers


Dear Readers,

On January 3, 2006 the TFAO website which contains Resource Library experienced an eight hour service interruption. Fortunately this was the only interruption of service since the founding of this publication. Following are excerpts of a January 4, 2005 letter sent by the firm that hosts TFAO's website regarding the service interruption.


Dear Customer,
As you may know, ReadyHosting experienced a service interruption
yesterday, and we are writing to express our apologies for any
issues you may have encountered. We realize that you depend on us
to provide reliable Web hosting and e-mail solutions, and we
understand the serious impact these types of interruptions have.
It is important to us that you understand what caused this and
what we are doing to prevent similar situations in the future.
Early Tuesday morning, ReadyHosting's servers became the target
of a sophisticated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.
DDoS attacks are malicious attempts to interrupt Internet
services by intentionally "flooding" and overwhelming providers
with bogus data. Once the volume of this data exceeds an
architecture's capacity, systems can no longer perform their
tasks and performance issues occur. (If you'd like to learn more,
Google "DDoS attacks" or "DNS storms.")
The attack damaged a key router in our hosting architecture. The
router has since been repaired, and we were able to fully restore
both Web and e-mail services yesterday afternoon.
Unfortunately, DDoS attacks are not uncommon, and Internet
criminals are constantly discovering new ways to disrupt
services. Please be assured that we are working with federal
authorities to identify those responsible for the attack and
prevent any type of future disruption.
This attack was not in any way related to the upcoming transition
to the new hosting platform. In fact, the new hosting platform
was designed specifically to prevent these kinds of service
The most significant advantage of the new platform is that it
will support your site and e-mail through dozens of servers
simultaneously. With this distributed architecture, the new
platform is fully redundant -- should a router or other key piece
of hardware come under attack, there will be additional machines
to support your Web site and e-mail.
The ReadyHosting Team

Resource Library is pleased that ReadyHosting is taking steps to prevent a reoccurrence of this problem. We strive to bring to you, our readers, the best in service and will watch closely the mitigation steps being taken to prevent such attacks in the future.

Best regards,

John Hazeltine


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