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Submitting a photograph to TFAO


TFAO requires that Virtual Volunteers who wish to submit an image for publication in Resource Library please copy and paste the following text into an email, fill in the blanks, append the .jpg image to the email and then send the email to


Required transmittal letter text:


To: Director, Traditional Fine Arts Organization, Inc.
Dear Director,
Please find attached a .jpg image of an original photograph created by me during [fill in year of creation here]. It is titled "[fill in name of photograph here]". I am the sole copyright owner of the photograph and the attached .jpg image of it. I am submitting the image to Resource Library for publication consideration in connection with the TFAO Virtual Volunteering program described at <>.
The photo I am submitting was taken on public property, or if taken on private property I am enclosing an email granting permission of the property owner for me to take the picture for TFAO's use.
I grant to Resource Library a non-exclusive one-time permission to publish the image within the editor's notes following a previously published article. I agree that I will not be compensated for Resource Library's publication of the image. It is understood that copyrights I own are not being transferred to Resource Library.
I suggest that the image be appended to the article titled "[fill in title of article here]", published [date of Resource Library publication] with the URL[fill in URL extension here]. Resource Library may, however, place the image on an alternate page with my agreement.
Resource Library may resize the image prior to publication, and may crop the image without my permission.
If Resource Library chooses to publish the image, I understand that the editor's note and credit line for my image will have the format shown in the examples referred to at <>. At a minimum, my name, city and state will be in the credit line. The complete credit line I wish to be used is [fill in credit line for photo here].
Best regards,
[fill in volunteer name here]

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