Virtual Volunteering: Content development regarding podcast production and publishing


Volunteer opportunity regarding podcast production and publishing

Producing and publishing journalistic or educational podcasts on volunteer's website or independent blog. TFAO provides numerous examples of educational podcasts and production advice for museums in Online audio. The examples and production pointers are also of value to independent producers.

Are you a docent at a museum, a graduate student in art history, or an otherwise informed individual passionate about an aspect of American representational art? You can record a narration about an exhibition or portions of a museum's permanent collection. Your recording can in turn be made into a podcast. The podcast can be made available to the public through your own blog, through a museum's website or through TFAO's website.

Examples of art-related podcasts published on an independent website are those produced by David Gilbert, a professor of communications at Marymount Manhattan College, who worked with his students in 2005 to produce unofficial audio guides for art exhibited at MoMA. The audio guides were available as podcasts played on iPods while touring the museum. RocketBoom featured a June 8, 2005 video interview with Dr. Gilbert and two of his students, explaining the project. BBC News television reported on it June 2, 2005 and Randy Kennedy of the New York Times also reported on the audio guides in a May 28, 2005 article titled "With Irreverence and an iPod, Recreating the Museum Tour." Audio guide segments include Max Beckmann's Family Picture, Tom Wesselmann's Still Life Number 30, Robert Rauschenberg's Bed, plus others.


Suggested experience

1. Experience including one or more of the following:

- experience as a professional broadcast journalist

- teacher or professor in college or university in a related discipline

- college degree in broadcast journalism

- docent at an art museum

- college degree in art history

2. Access to production and post-production equipment, a computer and email


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