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Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) aims to provide broader service to the public through additional volunteer activity while maintaining our established operating standards and pursuing useful research that is respected by our audiences. Assistance in volunteer coordination is essential to allow for further growth of TFAO's operations and research programs. [1]


Volunteer opportunity regarding volunteer coordination [2]

1. Orientating new volunteers to TFAO's online resources

2. Training of volunteers in advanced features of search engines including Yahoo search and Google search

3. Following up with new research volunteers on test assignments to evaluate volunteers' procedural compliance

4. Tracking current volunteers' assignments

5. Preparing acknowledgements for volunteers' service

6. Developing additional sources for volunteers, registering with those sources, and posting and maintaining job descriptions,

7. Studying and recommending ways to provide broader service to the public through additional volunteer activity.


About TFAO

Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) offers online the most thorough body of knowledge concerning American representational art through its publication Resource Library, plus projects, reports, studies and catalogues including:

For the past 19 years, all content has been presented to the public free of charge - and will continue on that basis permanently. TFAO is 100% non-commercial.



1. For a list of TFAO programs, please see About TFAO.

2. A volunteer coordinator is welcome to provide service in some or all of the listed opportunities.


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