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Volunteer opportunities regarding catalogue and database management


A. Providing new information for catalogues published by Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO).

1. An intriguing challenge exists for further development of the American Representational Art catalogue, containing links to many topics in American Representational Art. This unique catalogue features TFAO's unique integration of paper-printed references plus online text, audio and video resources. Besides content from Resource Library, for each listed topic TFAO is interested in further noteworthy:

An example of a topic is California Art History, which is one of TFAO's most developed topics.

TFAO is not seeking information on individual artists for the American Representational Art catalogue unless the information is presented in a manner closely connected to a listed topic. Individuals are covered in the Distinguished Artists catalogue and in articles and essays which we have published online.


2. The Distinguished Artists catalogue honors deceased artists with biographical information. TFAO seeks biographies of deceased American artists and artisans whose works have been exhibited in American art museums. Do you have a biography to contribute? To learn how please click here. All links to artist biographies must contain free information. TFAO avoids websites that require a fee to view complete biographies. Click here to learn how TFAO chooses individuals for inclusion in this catalogue.


3. The online Articles and Essays, Audio, Illustrated Audio and Videos catalogues are the first and largest of their kind. TFAO volunteers are on constant lookout for new listings - and replacement or removal of expired links. In some cases, TFAO is not seeking information on individual artists from volunteers for these catalogues.


4. TFAO also seeks further listings - and replacement or removal of expired links - for other catalogues including paper printed Books and Magazines, DVD Interactive media, and VHS/DVD Videos. In some cases, In some cases, TFAO is not seeking information on individual artists from volunteers for these other catalogues..


B. Maintaining calendar listings for future museum exhibits.

Please see:

How TFAO updates calendars
How TFAO uses the National Calendar of Exhibitions

C. Compiling changes in phone numbers, web addresses, etc. within Resource Library's sub-index pages for selected art museums, galleries and art centers and other non-profit sources including academies, associations, ateliers and societies.


TFAO is pleased to give credit to volunteers for their time devoted to research.. As an example please note how we gave credit to Ms. Cheung for the page Asian American Representational Art: suggested books. If you have a website, TFAO would be pleased to provide a link to it in your credit line.


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