TFAO fosters education and nurturing understanding of American visual arts among diverse publics, with concentration on representational art.



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The character of affairs of Traditional Fine Arts Organization, Inc. is for charitable purposes including fostering education and nurturing understanding of American visual arts among student and adult populations through publications, guidance and counseling of nonprofit arts organizations and related activities.


Summary of accomplishments and history

TFAO's website is the world's most valued and visited site devoted to American representational art. Every day, thousands of individuals including students, scholars, teachers and others view educational and informational materials on TFAO's site, which is structured as a digital library. For more information on visitation, please see rankings and usage data.

Inspiration for the focus of TFAO was provided by a myriad of artists living and deceased, Peter and Elaine Adams, John and Barbara Hazeltine, Gerald J. Miller and Jean Stern.

In 2003 TFAO acquired an online publication devoted to education and understanding of American representational art founded in 1997 named Resource Library Magazine. In 2004 TFAO changed the name of the publication to Resource Library, which remains the current name. The publication, since inception provided without charge as a public service, contains 1,300+ articles and essays written by hundreds of named authors, plus thousands of other texts, all providing educational and informational content to students, scholars, teachers and others. Published materials related to exhibitions frequently contain texts from exhibition brochures or catalogues, magazine or journal articles, gallery guides, wall panels, labels, audio tour scripts, checklists and news releases, plus related images. Resource Library also provides free publicity to hundreds of American nonprofit art venues including museums, the source of almost all of Resource Library's content. Click here to view an estimate of TFAO's total quantity of image and text files. Some text files contain many thousands of words.

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TFAO has also provided other services including Financial Assistance Programs

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult for many university students to justify a major or minor in art history from an economic point of view. Since familiarity with the liberal arts is beneficial for a well-rounded education, TFAO provides an alternate in-depth resource which may be accessed at leisure during an individual's lifetime. For individuals who are able to study American art history in a university setting, TFAO provides an encyclopedic resource.


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Traditional Fine Arts Organization, Inc. is recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service. The Articles of Incorporation of Traditional Fine Arts Organization, Inc. were approved by the Arizona Corporation Commissioner on August 5, 2003 as an Arizona nonprofit corporation.


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