Shepard Alonzo Mount

by Deborah J. Johnson




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About the author:

Deborah J. Johnson was the president and chief executive officer of The Museums at Stony Brook at the time of her writing of Shepard Alonzo Mount.


Resource Library editor's note:

The above essay is adapted from a catalog essay by Ms. Johnson titled Shepard Alonzo Mount, His Life and Art for the exhibition Shepard Alonzo Mount held in 1998 at the Museums at Stony Brook, now named the Long Island Museum of American Art, History and Carriages.

The essay was reprinted, without illustrations, in Resource Library on December 9, 2005 with the permission of the author and the Long Island Museum of American Art, History and Carriages. If you have questions or comments regarding the essay, please contact the Long Island Museum of American Art, History and Carriages directly through either this phone number or web address:

This essay was previously published in American Art Review, Volume X Number 3, May - June, 1998, pp. 116-121..

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