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(above: Whistler, James McNeill, Portrait of Whistler, 1859. Image courtesy of The New York Public Library)



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TFAO references:

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From other websites:

A Buckeye Abroad, Frank Wilcox in Paris 1910-1926, an exhibit held August 24 2013 - January 5 2014 at the Dayton Art Institute. Includeslinks to article. Accessed 9/14.

American Artists Abroad, 1900-1950, an exhibit held February 2 - May 11, 2008 at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. Accessed July, 2014.

American Legacy Fine Arts website has an Art Library page, including a link to In the Land of Casanova: American Artists Seduced by Venice  (John Singer Sargent, James A. McNeill Whistler, Frank Duveneck, Robert Blum, William M. Chase, Thomas Moran, Henry Ossawa Tanner, Maurice Prendergast, John Henry Twachtman, Theodore Wores) by Elaine Adams. Accessed July, 2015.

Americans in Italy, January 19, 2013 - April 21, 2013 from Georgia Museum of Art. Accessed 3/14

Americans in Paris, 1860-1900 and American Neoclassical Sculptors Abroad, from the Timeline of Art History section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art website. Accessed 4/14

Americans in Paris, 1860-1900, A Special Exhibition Review by Anne-Marie Jacobus, including a large gallery of works in the exhibition from Accessed 4/14

An American in London: Whistler and the Thames, an exhibit held May 3 - August 17, 2014 at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery. Includes video. From Freer Gallery of Art. Accessed 11/20/14.

An American in London: Whistler and the Thames, an exhibit held February 1 - April 13, 2014 at the Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy. Includes illustrated checklist. Accessed January, 2016.

America's Rome: Artists in the Eternal City, 1800-1900, an exhibit held May 22, 2009 - December 30, 2009 at the Fenimore Art Museum. Includes link to Wall Street Journal article (July 17, 2009). Accessed 10/14

Artists Who Painted in Latin America by Teta Collins, from Accessed 4/14

Dutch Utopia: American Artists in Holland, 1880-1914, an exhibit held February 5-May 2, 2010 at the Taft Museum of Art. Includes Portico article. Accessed April, 2015.

In the Studios of Paris: William Bouguereau & His American Students, an exhibit held July 6, 2007 - October 14, 2007 at the Frick Art & Historical Center. Includes news release. From Frick Art & Historical Center. Accessed 11/20/14.

James Abbott McNeill Whistler: Realism in Print, an exhibit held September 17, 2013 - January 18, 2014 at the Grace Museum. Accessed 12/14

James E. Freeman 1808-1884: An American Painter in Italy, an exhibit held September 13, 2009 - January 17, 2010 at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute. Accessed March, 2015.

John La Farge's Second Paradise: Voyages in the South Seas, 1890-1891, an exhibit held at the Addison Gallery, Phillips Academy January 22, 2011 - March 27, 2011. Accessed 4/14

Mediterranea: American Art from the Graham D. Williford Collection, an exhibit held September 17, 2013 - January 18, 2014 at the Grace Museum. Includes exhibit brochure. Accessed 12/14

New World Eden: Artist-Explorers in the American Tropics, an exhibit held January 27 - April 18, 2010 at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum. Includes press reviews. Note: This website does not provide URLs for past exhibits. Accessed October, 2014

Off the Beaten Path: Early Works by James McNeill Whistler, an exhibit held September 28, 2013 - September 28, 2014 at the Freer Gallery of Art. Includes introductory panels. From Freer Gallery of Art. Accessed 11/20/14.

Painting in Paris Prior to 1900, from Accessed 3/14

Reflections and Undercurrents: Ernest Roth and Printmaking in Venice, 1900-1940, an exhibit held January 23 - April 4, 2014 at the Walsh (Thomas J.) Art Gallery at Fairfield University. Includes video and audio tours. Accessed May, 2015.

The WGBH/Boston Forum Network is an audio and video streaming web site dedicated to curating and serving live and on-demand lectures, including a number of videos on Art and Architecture. Partners include a number of museums, colleges, universities and other cultural organizations. See listings of related videos in this catalogue indexed by partner name. High Museum of Art partnered with the WGBH Forum Network for American Artists and the Louvre: Morse Gallery, (2 hours, 10 minutes) American Artists and the Louvre: Morse Gallery. Lectures and panel discussion by Paul Staiti, professor, art history, Mount Holyoke College, Jean-Philippe Antoine, senior fellow, Terra Foundation, Olivier Meslay, curator, Musee du Louvre, Sylvia Yount, curator, American art, High Art Museum. Paul Staiti and Jean-Philippe Antoine discuss early nineteenth-century American artists who sought training in Paris and the artistic practice of copying. (Lecture contributed by WABE/AFN) [February 24, 2007] Accessed May, 2015.

The WGBH/Boston Forum Network is an audio and video streaming web site dedicated to curating and serving live and on-demand lectures, including a number of videos on Art and Architecture. Partners include a number of museums, colleges, universities and other cultural organizations. See listings of related videos in this catalogue indexed by partner name. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston partnered with the WGBH Forum Network for At Home and Abroad: American Expatriate Artists, (56 minutes) in which Heather Cotter, fellow, Adult Learning Programs, Museum of Fine Arts, explores the various influences reflected in the art of American expatriate artists -- including John Singer Sargent, Mary Cassatt, and James McNeill Whistler -- working at home and abroad. [Spring, 2003] Accessed May, 2015.

The Speed Art Museum's web site contains a page highlighting examples of artworks in its collection of American Painting and Sculpture. An audio clip from the museum's onsite Passport to the Speed audio guide tour is included for this artwork: Mary Cassatt (American, 1844-1926), L'Enfant (The Child), 1905, oil on canvas. Gift of Mrs. Blakemore Wheeler 1964.22. [Link found to be expired as of 2015 audit. TFAO is saving the citation for use by researchers.]

DVD or VHS videos:

Americans in Paris, 30 minute DVD published in 2006. "Paris was the centre of the art world in the nineteenth century and for American artists, its lure was irresistible. They flocked there in their thousands, eager to establish their artistic credentials. As their letters home prove, initial impressions of Paris were overwhelming: the light, the noise, the smells, the contrasts. Theatres, cafés, gardens and boulevards provided rich subject matter for these painters, as did their fellow artists, often portrayed as the elegantly dressed flâneur (dandy), or as the bohemian, studiedly careless in appearance... This fascinating film, much of it shot on location, captures the excitement that Paris conveyed to its American visitors, and provides a vivid sense of what American artists retained of their experience, and brought back with them to America." Text courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Hoosiers Abroad: The Munich Paintings of Adams, Forsyth, Richards and Steele  (video produced by Indianapolis Museum of Art)

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and these articles:

M. Elizabeth Boone: "Bullfights and Balconies: Flirtation and Majismo in Mary Cassatt's Spanish Paintings of 1872­73" American Art (Vol. 9 No. 1; Spring 1995)

M. Elizabeth Boone: "American Artists and the Spanish Experience" American Art Review January-February 1999 (Volume XI, Number 1)

Lisa N. Peters: "'Youthful Enthusiasm under a Hospitable Sky': American Artists in Polling, Germany, 1870s­1880s" American Art Journal ( vol. 31, nos. 1 and 2; 2000)


Suggested music to accompany reading of texts about American Artists Abroad:

Pictures at an Exhibition, by Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky.

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