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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:



Insignias of Fort Ord: Art in Everyday Military Life (3/18/16)

Hell on earth: The artist termed his work "The Richard Saholt Story"; essay by Michael Bonesteel (10/12/15)

The Poignancy of Painting and Poetry in Bold, Cautious, True; essay by Sylvia Yount (7/14/12)

Westchester Women & War: Portraits (7/14/12)

A Soldiers View of Civil War Charleston (5/18/11)

A Soldier's View of Civil War Charleston, article by Pamela S. Wall (5/18/11)

So Bravely and So Well: The Life and Art of William T. Trego (4/19/11)

Civil War Drawings from the Becker Collection (2/3/11)


2005 - 2010

For Us the Living": The Civil War in Paintings by Mort Kunstler (9/15/10)

Red, White, and Blue: American Sculpture for and by Veterans; article by Robin Salmon (6/17/10)

Painting World War II: The California Style Watercolor Artists; essay by Glen Knowles (6/16/10)

Painting World War II: The California Style Watercolor Artists (6/16/10)

Mourning the Losses of the Civil War; article by Elizabeth Johns (5/17/10)

The Unwritten War: A Visual Story of the Civil War Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War (9/8/09)

Bold, Cautious, True: Walt Whitman and American Art of the Civil War Era (7/29/09)

Designing for Victory 1914-1945 (12/13/07)

Fire and Ice: Marine Corps Combat Art from Afghanistan and Iraq / Soldier (6/21/07)

Patriotism and Persuasion: Posters of World War I (5/16/05)



Picturing Change: The Impact of Ledger Drawings on Native American Art (11/24/04)

George Bellows: The Tragedies of War (8/9/03)

One Nation: Patriots and Pirates Portrayed by N.C. and James Wyeth; by Lauren Raye Smith (10/4/01)

One Nation: Patriots and Pirates Portrayed by N. C. Wyeth and Jamie Wyeth / Foreword; by David Michaelis (10/4/01)

Winslow Homer: The Civil War Years and Winslow Homer: The Gloucester Years (12/4/00)

Selections From The Air Force Art Collection - Keeping The Peace (10/16/00)

Eye of The Storm: The Civil War Drawings of Robert Knox Sneden (10/2/00)

One Nation: Patriots and Pirates Portrayed by N.C. Wyeth and James Wyeth (8/12/00)

For Love of Country (4/18/00)

From the Front: World War II Watercolors by Peter Sanfilippo (4/18/00)

Paul Revere: Artisan and Patriot (4/3/00)

Robert Capa: Photographs (4/2/00)

New Frontiers #4: elin o'Hara slavick (3/3/00)



Terrain of Freedom: American Art and the Civil War (9/20/99)

The Irvine Museum Receives Gift of Arthur Beaumont Paintings (2/25/99)

"A Splendid Little War" The Spanish-American War, 1898: The Artists' Perspective (2/25/99)

George Bellows: The War Series (1/16/99)

George Washington: American Symbol (12/4/98)

The Civil War Naval Scenes of Xanthus Smith (9/98)

Culture y Cultura: How the U.S.-Mexican War Shaped the West (5/25/98)


From other websites:

Military Art, Civil War

Military Art, WWI

Military Art, WWII

Military Art, Other



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Calvin, Paula E. , Deacon, Deborah A. American Women Artists in Wartime, 1776-2010, McFarland, 2011 - 214 pages. Google Books says: "For generations, men have left their homes and families to defend their country while their wives, mothers and daughters remained safely at home, outwardly unaffected. A closer examination reveals that women have always been directly impacted by war. In the last few years, they have actively participated on the front lines. This book tells the story of the women who documented the impact of war on their lives through their art. It includes works by professional artists and photographers, combat artists, ordinary women who documented their military experiences, and women who worked in a variety of types of needlework. Taken together, these images explore the female consciousness in wartime."

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Vietnam Images : war and representation. Edited by Jeffrey Walsh and James Aulich. New York : St. Martin's Press, 1989.

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