Illustrated Audio Opportunities


Multiple acquisitions

A museum can create an entire section for recent acquisitions on its web site. Interpretative pages for each accession can be placed in that section. For example, in the web site for the deYoung Museum of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco there is a separate section for recent acquisitions. On the de Young home page a visitor clicks on the graphic for the Recent Acquisitions section and is led to a tour. As of November 16, 2004 there were 11 art works included in the tour. Each art work had a separate page. On each art work's page there was: an image of the art work (which could be magnified for a larger image); a caption resembling a wall label; interpretive text; a copyright line. The approximate word counts for each object were from 110 to 480 words. Although the object pages contained only text, the concept applies to illustrated audio segments.


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