Maxfield Parrish: Master of Make-Believe

by Alma M. Gilbert





Peak Years and the Magnum Opus

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60. The preliminary sketch shows three figures and a diagram illustrating Jay Hambidge Dynamic Symmetry, Photo collection of Alma Gilbert.

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64. Joanna Gordon Parrish writes casually in a local Plainfield, NH, newsletter dated November 2003 that her father, Max Parrish Jr., had told her a man named Galen Stone had been the initial buyer of Daybreak in 1925.

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The Move to Landscapes

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70. Jean Parrish in telephone conversation with the author, circa 1974.

71. Dingleton Farm was stolen from the author's California gallery in 1975. It was recently recovered and returned to her in 2003 after being discovered in an auction house in California.


Twentieth-Century Icon

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74. Interview with Kitty Owens' family by the author, September 2003. (There is a large gramophone evident in a picture of Kitty taken by the artist while posing in his studio.)

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