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There have been financial, contractual and other barriers to producing Web lectures. Six significant barriers that have deterred museums from developing Web lectures include:

1. Budget and time constraints due to financial stress being experienced by many museums. Update: See Allocation of Time and Financial Resources and TFAO financial assistance.
2. Complexity and quality of multimedia editing programs. Update: Since 2002, several easy to use, yet powerful, editing programs have been developed. On the user side, browser plug-ins are commonly available for the programs. For examples see Technical Solutions
3 Viewers' lack of familiarity with instructions to use Web multimedia players. Update: Broadband users, now numbering in the tens of millions, are likely to familiarize themselves with virtual player plug-ins since they go hand-in-hand with broadband.
4. Lack of analog (slide or print) images converted to digital format. Update: A large percentage of images are now saved by museums in digital format, usually in the form of .jpg files, or can be easily converted to .jpg images.
5. Lack of appropriate model form image use agreements, licenses or contracts between museums and lecturers and lack of procedural guides for producing the Web lectures. Update: Contractual Solutions addresses contractual issues and for procedural guidance see Procedural Solutions. The Scope of opportunity and Other multimedia projects sections identify a number of producers of Web lectures. These institutions can be contacted for advice and be asked to share their agreement forms.

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