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In order to conserve human and financial resources museums can provide intern opportunities to university students engaged in multimedia studies. Another avenue open to museums, especially those affiliated with universities, is to partner with academic departments teaching multimedia practices and arrange with professors for class projects preparing Web lectures. [5] Local public television stations have recording equipment to facilitate multimedia and can be approached for their cooperation.

For an example of a graduate school program that assigns to doctoral candidates the requirement to prepare narrated slide shows visit an instructional program developed by Dr. Mathew Mitchell, Department of Learning and Instruction, School of Education at the University of San Francisco. His web site contains links to research on the subject of learning through multimedia. A section within the website is named "Galleries" containing "Tutorial Movies" which provide valuable insights.

Some other university multimedia departments and courses:

Within the public membership of many museums there are probably members with the technical skills and equipment necessary to learn the procedures needed to author and produce Web lectures.

Larger institutions have received grants to develop Web presentations. A list of museums that have produced narrated slide shows is contained in the Scope of opportunity section of this paper. Contact with these museums can lead to insights on how to develop grant proposals targeted to this purpose.

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5. Moneta Kwok-Ching Ho, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology placed online her May 2004 thesis "From Physical to Virtual: Extending the Gallery Experience Online." In Chaper Four: Conclusion, (p. 52) Ms. Ho offers a suggestiion to exhibition team members of museums: "A good idea is to draw from academic contacts and partnerships with universities. Many students of new media art and design would be interested in developing Web sites in exchange for the portfolio and resume-building experience, school credit, or references and contacts that the museum can offer." She says"...these kinds of museum-academic partnerships are quite common" and gives examples of collaborations.

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