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"Behind the Scenes" presentations

Motion picture companies almost universally produce DVD versions of their movies. The DVDs often contain a menu of options including playing the movie, viewing out-takes and behind the scenes information. Movie studios include this supplemental and contextual content beyond the actual movie because they have learned that viewers like it and that it helps sell DVDs.

While a meaningful museum experience transcends entertainment, museums, like the movie studios, seek the attention of -- and financial support from -- the public. A segment of potential museum visitors will likely be further persuaded towards physical visitation of exhibitions by including "behind the scenes" content on their web pages which explains the context within which an exhibition was created. Also, as people's expectations are raised for inclusion of additional content alongside movie presentations, museums should consider whether those expectations are to some extent transferable within the minds of museum audiences.

Both illustrated audio and full motion video are means of providing online contextual content to the descriptive information on exhibitions now commonly contained on museum web sites. Museums should consider cost/benefit factors concerning allocation of staff and financial resources to behind the scenes material against the estimated increase in visitation, membership and financial support deriving from such expenditures.

Content can include:

In this general vein the Getty Museum in Los Angeles provides on a web page excellent "Behind the Scenes" contextual content such as individual videos on the thought process of an artist, the installation process of an exhibition and conservation processes.


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