Painted Faith: Traditional New Mexican Devotional Images

by Cody James Hartley



About the Author

Cody James Hartley is Executive Director of The Arts Fund, a private nonprofit organization in Santa Barbara, California, dedicated to supporting artists and arts programming in Santa Barbara County. Hartley has also worked as a curator and independent scholar, organizing exhibitions for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and Westmont College. Originally from Wyoming, Mr. Hartley will receive his Ph.D. in Art History from the University of California Santa Barbara in 2005. His research interests include: American museum history and practice, American regionalism and nationalism; art and cultures of the American Southwest; women and cultural institutions; pedagogical applications for digital imaging; and applied information technology. His dissertation research focuses on the role of community arts organizations in fostering a creative cultural climate in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


About the Reynolds Gallery

The Reynolds Gallery is located at Westmont College, 955 La Paz Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108. Please see the Gallery's web site for hours and fees. (right: Reynolds Gallery, photo © 2005, John Hazeltine)


Resource Library editor's note:

The above essay was reprinted, without accompanying illustrations, in Resource Library on February 28, 2005 with the permission of the Reynolds Gallery at Westmont College and the author. Mr. Hartley's essay is included in a 44 page illustrated catalogue titled Painted Faith: Traditional New Mexican Devotional Images, published in 2004 by the Reynolds Art Gallery to accompany the exhibition of the same name held at the Gallery November 1 through December 18, 2004. The catalogue checklist, which includes descriptions and further details on the 19 objects in the exhibition, also comprises a substantial portion of the catalogue.

If you have questions or comments regarding the essay, or wish to obtain a copy of the catalogue from which it is excerpted, please contact the Reynolds Gallery directly through either this phone number or web address:


Resource Library wishes to extend appreciation to Dr. Tony Askew and Ms. Helen Talkin of the Reynolds Art Gallery for their introduction of the author to this publication and their help concerning permissions for reprinting the above text.

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