Robert Henri and the 1915 San Diego Exposition

By Jean Stern




1. Letter from Robert Henri to Dr. Hewett, dated July 29, 1914. Located at the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego.

2. The Eight were William Glackens, Ernest Lawson, George Luks, John Sloan, Maurice Prendergast, Arthur B. Davies, Everett Shinn, and Robert Henri. Shinn was not listed in the original list of artists to be invited to San Diego.

3. Milton W. Brown, The Story of the Armory Show, The Joseph H. Hirshhorn Foundation, distributed by the New York Graphic Society, 1963, 38-42.

4. Ibid., 194.

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6. Telegram from Arthur B. Davies to G. A. Davidson, President of the Panama-California Exposition Corporation, dated Oct. 16, 1914. Located at the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego. The original invitation sent to the artists was signed by Davidson.

7. Letter from Henri to Hewett, dated Oct. 25, 1914. Located at the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego.

8. Ibid.

9. Telegram from Joseph Henry Sharp to G. A. Davidson, dated Oct. 14, 1914. Located at the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego.

10. San Diego Union, Jan. 28, 1915, 9.

11. Martin E. Petersen, Modern American Painting: 1915, Exhibition Catalogue, Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, San Diego, Dec. 1962, 8. In 1962, the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego attempted to re-create the Modern American Art exhibit by displaying as many of the original entries as could be located. Thirteen of the works were re-hung, in addition to other works by the artists.

12. Letter from Maurice Prendergast to Dr. Hewett, dated Sept. 19, 1915. Located at the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego.

13. Museum of History, Science and Art, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, Sept. 14-30, 1914. Exhibition Catalogue (one page only) located at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The works displayed and offered for sale are as follows: 1. Indian Girl, 2. Young Mexican, 3. The La Jolla Beach, 4. Indian, 5. Rita, Mexican Girl, 6. Chow Choy, 7. Sylvester, 8. Chinese Girl, 9. Ramon, 10. Machu, 11. The Beach Hat (This painting is probably the same one presently in the City Museum of St. Louis, which is a finished portrait of Mrs. Henri, painted in La Jolla in 1914. A sketch for this portrait was dedicated and presented by Henri to Alice Klauber in La Jolla and is now in the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego. See illustration.), 12. Tam Gan, 13. Jim Lee, 14. American Chinaman. The sizes and sale prices of these works were not given. The Museum of History, Science and Art was later divided into separate units, one of which is now the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

14. There is only brief mention of Dr. Hewett in William Innes Homer's book, Robert Henri and his Circle, Cornell University Press, 1969, 202, 203, 205.

15. In addition to painting the sketch of Mrs. Henri that was given to Alice Klauber and The Beach Hat (finished portrait of Mrs. Henri), Robert Henri also painted a sketch entitled Mukie during a demonstration in Alice Klauber's studio in La Jolla. (Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego)


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