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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:


Charles Codman: The Landscape of Art and Culture in 19th-Century Maine (11/26/02)

Whistler and His Circle in Venice (11/13/02)

For Bierstadt's Eyes Alone, essay by Mary Terence McKay (11/2/02)

Sun Rise, 1870, An Arctic Landscape by the Artist William Bradford (1823-1892), essay by Gregg Hertzlieb (10/16/02)

Corn Shocks and Pumpkins, 1864, by William Trost Richards (1833-1905), essay by Richard H. W. Brauer (10/10/02)

In Search of a National Landscape: William Trost Richards and the Artists' Adirondacks 1855 - 1870; article by Linda S. Ferber and Caroline M. Welsh (7/1/02)

Primal Visions: Albert Bierstadt "Discovers" America, 1859-1893 (4/3/02)

American Sublime: Epic Landscapes of Our Nation, 1820-1880 (3/1/02)

North to Alaska (2/28/02)

19th-Century American Paintings: The Henry Melville Fuller Collection (2/20/02)

George Beck: An Eighteenth Century Painter; article by Edna Talbott Whitley (2/2/02)

Erastus Salisbury Field, 1805-1900 Historical Monument of the American Republic, 1867-1888; essay by Paul Staiti (1/3/02)

In Search of the National Landscape: William Trost Richards in the Adirondacks (10/22/01)

American Pastorale: Drawings by John F. Kensett (8/29/01)

Minnesota from the Mississippi (7/25/01)

Primal Visions: Albert Bierstadt "Discovers" America, 1859-1893 (7/5/01)

A Picturesque Site in the Catskills: The Kaaterskill Falls as Painted by William Guy Wall, by John K. Howat (7/2/01)

Montclair Art Museum Gallery Will Be Dedicated to Works by George Inness (5/4/01)

William Trost Richards in The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2/11/01)



In Search of the Promised Land: Paintings by Frederic Edwin Church (11/28/00)

The Poetry of Place: Works on Paper by Thomas Moran from the Gilcrease Museum (11/14/00)

Intimate Friends: Thomas Cole, Asher Durand, William Cullen Bryant (10/19/00)

William Merritt Chase: Modern American Landscapes (9/22/00)

In Search of The Promised Land: Paintings by Frederic Edwin Church (7/21/00)

Art & Nature: The Hudson River School (6/15/00)

Open Air Sketching: Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Drawings in the Albany Institute of History and Art (5/9/00)

William Merritt Chase: Modern American Landscapes, 1886-1890 (3/21/00)

Martin Johnson Heade at the National Gallery of Art (3/10/00)

Art and Nature: The Hudson River School (3/7/00)

All that is Glorious: Paintings from the Hudson River School (2/24/00)

Art and Nature: The Hudson River School (1/20/00)

This Tranquil Land: Hudson River Paintings from the Hersen Collection (1/14/00)

Art and Nature: The Hudson River School (10/14/99)

A Grand Landscape in Miniature: Images of Paradise from Newport Area Collections (10/13/99)

Elizabeth O'Neill Verner: Charleston Renaissance Artist (10/11/99)

Cameo of the Permanent Collection of the New Bedford Free Public Library (8/13/99)

Art & Nature: The Hudson River School Tours Nationally (8/4/99)

Art and Nature: The Hudson River School, Paintings from the Albany Institute of History & Art (7/27/99)

Dwight William Tryon, 1849-1925 (7/22/99)

Early American Landscapes and Graphic Traditions (7/14/99)

John Twachtman, An American Impressionist (6/30/99)

All that Is Glorious Around Us (Hudson River School Painters) (6/22/99)

William Keith: California Awakening (6/3/99)

Maurice Prendergast: The State of the Estate at the Heckscher Museum of Art (5/29/99)

John Twachtman: An American Impressionist (5/29/99)

Inventing Acadia: Artists and Tourists at Mount Desert (5/27/99)

American Landscapes from the Paine Art Center and Arboretum (2/3/99)

American Impressionism and Realism: The Margaret and Raymond Horowitz Collection (2/2/99)

White Mountain Painters 1834-1926 (1/17/99)

The Painted Sketch: American Impressions from Nature (1/15/99)

Pacific Arcadia: Images of California, 1600-1915 (1/5/99)

William Keith, California's Poet-Painter (1/1/99)



The Holy Calm of Nature (12/17/98)

The Light of a Moment (12/17/98)

New Worlds from Old: 19th Century Australian & American Landscapes (12/5/98)

The Painted Sketch: American Impressions from Nature (11/7/98)

William Trost Richards: Rediscovered (10/16/98)

Art Colonies and American Impressionists (9/1/98)

The Snite Acquires Bierstadt Landscape, American Portraits and Fairfield Porter Canvas (8/24/98)

Hudson River School Artist Sanford Gifford (1823-1880) Acquisition by Albany Institute (6/10/98)

Direct from Nature: The Oil Sketches of Thomas Hill

"That Earlier, Wilder Image": Sketches by American Landscape Painters, 1830-1900

First Retrospective of Landscapes by Thomas Moran

Diamond Cove: Landscape and Leisure in 19th-Century America (7/28/97)

Holding Patterns: Selections from the Collection of W. Donald Head, Old Grandview Ranch

Landscape in America 1850 - 1890 (10/7/97)

Bricher Acquisition (4/7/98)

Albert Bierstadt


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