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Great Lakes Muse: American Scene Painting from the Upper Midwest, 1910 - 1960; "Inlanders and the American Scene: Modern Great Lakes Painting", esaay by Michael D. Hall (11/1`0/03)

"Terra Firma: Contemporary Indiana Artists Paint the Landscape," "Dale Enochs: Recent Limestone Sculpture," and "Reflection: Recent Work by Yves Paquette" (9/4/03)

The Nebraska FERA Art Exhibit; article by Ernest F. Witte (8/15/03)

Depression Legacy: Nebraska's Post Office Art; article by Elizabeth Anderson (8/13/03)

Will Kolstad: Paintings and Drawings (8/9/03)

Angel DeCora: American Artist and Educator; article by Sarah McAnulty (8/4/03)

New Deal Artist Ernest E. Stevens; article by Florence Canfield Burden (8/1/03)

Thomas Berger Johnson, Nebraska Artist, 1890-1968; article by Dolores Gunnerson (8/1/03)

Walter Piehl Jr. Retrospective (7/23/03)

The Prairie Print Makers (7/8/03)

A Harmonious Life: The Design and Book Art of Dard Hunter (6/20/03)

The Art of Today: Artists from Minnesota and North Dakota (3/10/03)

An Artist's Paradise: Minnesota Landscapes 1840-1940 (2/11/03)

William Merritt Chase: Four Paintings from the Lilly Endowment Collection (1/31/03)

Adams, Forsyth and Steele: Indiana Paintings from the Lilly Endowment Collection (1/31/03)

Tony Fitzpatrick: Max and Gaby's Alphabet (1/21/03)



Konrad Juestel: Painter, Craftsman, essay by Rolf Achilles (11/4/02)

A Walk in the Woods: The Art of John Elwood Bundy (1853-1933), essay by William H. Gerdts (10/30/02)

Francesco Spicuzza An Exponent of Beauty and Light: A Family Collection (10/9/02)

A Selection of Work by the Artist Roger Brown (1941-1997), essay by Gregg Hertzlieb (10/5/02)

Poetic Woodlands: The Art of John Elwood Bundy, essay by Kristin U. Fedders (9/17/02)

Gerrit V. Sinclair 1880-1955: A Retrospect (8/22/02)

Gerrit V. Sinclair 1880-1955: A Retrospect; essay by Janet Treacy (8/22/02)

Grant Wood: Regionalist; essay by Don Gray (7/22/02)

Parsing Views: New Paintings by Cole Carothers (6/13/02)

Albert Henry Krehbiel (1873-1945): American Impressionist, Muralist and Art Educator; article by Donald T. Ryan, Jr (5/25/02)

Rudy Pozzatti: A Printmaker's Odyssey (3/20/02)

Zoltan Sepeshy Remembered (3/13/02)

Zoltan Sepeshy Remembered; essay by James Houghton (3/13/02)

The Paintings of Richard Krogstad (3/6/02)

Farm Stories: Studies of a Disappearing Landscape; catalogue essay excerpt (1/14/02)



Bela Petheo: Portraits and Self-Portraits (12/21/01)

Dulah Marie Evans (Dulah Evans Krehbiel) 1875-1951: American Painter, Illustrator and Printmaker; essay by Jane Meyer (12/3/01)

Paul Travis (1891-1975): A Retrospective (11/14/01)

John Fery, Artist of the Rockies; essay by Peter C. Merrill (11/13/01)

Helen Farnsworth Mears, essay segment by Laurel Spenser Forsythe (10/26/01)

Emily Groom; essay segment by Mary Poser, assisted in research and documentation by Elizabeth Groom and Helen Johnston (10/26/01)

Jessie Kalmbach Chase, essay segment by Deborah Rosenthal (10/26/01)

Feodor von Luerzer: The American Odyssey of an Austrian Immigrant Artist; essay by Peter C. Merrill (10/23/01)

Elsa Ulbricht: A Career in Art; essay by Peter C. Merrill (10/19/01)

Hans Stoltenberg: Painter of Rural Wisconsin, essay by Peter C. Merrill (10/1/01)

Preface to "Foundations of Art in Wisconsin" by Thomas D. Lidtke (9/29/01)

Art Teachers, Art Schools and Art Museums in Early Wisconsin, essay segment by Peter C. Merrill (9/29/01)

Society of Milwaukee Artists, essay segment by Gay Donahue (9/29/01)

Wisconsin's New Art Deal, essay segment by Mary Michie (9/29/01)

A Brush with History, essay segment by James Auer (9/29/01)

Henry Vianden: Pioneer Artist in Milwaukee, essay by Peter C. Merrill (9/28/01)

Robert Koehler Artist in Milwaukee, essay by Peter C. Merrill (9/28/01)

Women's Work: Early Wisconsin Women Artists (9/26/01)

A Cosmopolitan Life in Wisconsin: Mathilde Schley's Hunger for the Beautiful and Useful, article by Peter C. Merrill (9/22/01)

George Raab: Wisconsin Artist, essay segment by Peter C. Merrill (9/21/01)

Prominence in 19th Century Regional Art, essay segment by Thomas D. Lidtke (9/21/01)

Carl von Marr, essay segment by Thomas D. Lidtke (9/20/01)

A Place in History, essay segment by Janet Treacy (9/18/01)

Preface / A Century of Artistic Endeavor, essay by Thomas D. Lidtke (9/19/01)

Travels with Gus, essay by Josephine Martins (9/18/01)

Wisconsin Art from Euro-American Settlement to 1950, essay segment by Thomas D. Lidtke (9/14/01)

Signs and Wonders: Urban Landscapes of Carolyn Swiszcz; essay by Todd D. Smith (7/15/01)

Charles Marshall (1905-1992): Artist on Site (7/2/01)

Spacious Skies Pastoral Places (6/11/01)

Ellen Wagener (4/10/01)

Grant Wood Lithographs (4/10/01)

Illinois Women Artists: The New Millennium (3/16/01)

Gerald Guthrie and Brian Paulsen: Mind and Matter (2/23/01)

Charles Warren Mundy: An American Impressionist (2/11/01)

Wisconsin Masters: Santos Zingale (2/10/01)


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