20th Century Midwest American Paintings and Sculpture


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The Poetics of Place: Charles Burchfield and the Cleveland Connection (10/11/00)

Palette Impressions: The Art of Helen Brewer (10/1/00)

Lorraine Peltz/Pink Works: Selected Paintings 1994 - 2000 (9/6/00)

Variations of the Vision...The Art of Lester Raymer (8/31/00)

Gretchen Caracas: Landscape and Memory (8/9/00)

Eleanor Simmons (8/9/00)

Diane Tesler: Paintings from the Heartland (6/14/00)

Paintings and Drawings by Ethel Denton Groos (6/14/00)

George Pfeifer: North Dakota Landscapes (5/30/00)

Elen Feinberg: A Decade of Light (5/30/00)

The Art of Trio Plus: Nancy Arroyo, Lesia Beard, Marion Geeding and Annie Starkey (5/25/00)

The Beauty of the Outdoors: The Art of Melvin Redburn (5/6/00)

Minnesota Biennial: 2D 2000 (4/18/00)

Dave West: A Retrospective (4/15/00)

Artists Influenced by Grant Wood (4/14/00)

The Grant Wood Collection (4/12/00)

Regional Masters of Watercolor: Highlights from the Collection (4/11/00)

The Art of Gary Carson (3/31/00)

Prairie Music Suite (3/16/00)

Illusions of Eden: Visions of the American Heartland (2/22/00)



Raphael Gleitsmann: Recent Acquisitions (11/17/99)

Charles Sanderson in Retrospect (11/11/99)

Mark L. Moseman: Agrarian Legacy (11/3/99)

Charles Rain: Magic Realism (8/14/99)

Unveiling of Carl von Marr and Helen F. Mears Works Acquired by The West Bend Art Museum (8/4/99)

Flatland Skies: Keith Jacobshagen (7/16/99)

Iowa Watercolor Society Exhibition (7/8/99)

Marjorie Hayek: Images of Iowa's Rural Heritage (6/20/99)

Watercolors by Peggy Flora Zalucha and Roberta Barnes Landscapes (6/7/99)

1999 Wisconsin Watercolor Society Exhibition (6/7/99)

The Regionalist Vision of William Dickerson: Selected Paintings from the DeVore Collection (5/5/99)

Beyond the Horizon: Sudlow and Jacobshagen (4/13/99)

Prints of the Midwest by Jackson Lee Nesbitt on View at the Georgia Museum of Art (3/20/99)

Paul Collins: World Visions (3/9/99)

Mathias Alten: Journey of an American Painter (1/30/99)

The Illuminated Word: The Manuscript Paintings of Diane Pivonski (1/18/99)



Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art (12/28/98) Ninth in a series on America's centers of learning in traditional methods and styles in the visual arts.

Edmund Lewandowski: Recording the Beauty of Man-Made Objects and the Energy of American Industry (10/15/98)

School of Representational Art (10/13/98)Third in a series on America's centers of learning in traditional methods and styles in the visual arts.

Komar & Melamid: the People's Choice (9/16/98)

The Bougie Studio: Continuing a Long Tradition of Training Painters (9/15/98)

Lester Raymer: Quietly Outspoken (8/29/98)

From the Apple to Eden: Paintings by Ben Mahmoud (8/27/98)

Augustus W. Dunbier (7/1/98)

Kansas Watercolor Society 1998 7-State Exhibition (7/15/98)

Augustus W. Dunbier (6/6/98)

Hansen Museum Makes Major Purchase (5/24/98)

John Steuart Curry: Inventing the Middle West, at the M. H. de Young Memorial Museum (4/1/98)

Masterworks Come to KMA (1/29/98)

Lasting Impressions: Drawings by Thomas Hart Benton

Ivan Albright: Magic Realist

Native America: Reflecting Contemporary Realities (2/20/98)



Kansas Watercolor Society 7-State Exhibition

Toward an American Identity: Selections from the Wichita Art Museum

Sentimental Journey: Images of the Home in Mind and Heart


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