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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order

Andrew Wyeth: Close Friends (12/20/00)

Dorothea Tanning: Birthday and Beyond (12/18/00)

Robert Rauschenberg Combines: Painting + Sculpture (12/12/00)

Unexpected Beauty: The Paintings of Stephanie Sanchez (12/11/00)

Broken Silences: The Collages of Paul Jenkins (12/9/00)

Lyanne Malamed: Paintings and Drawings (11/9/00)

Robert Van Vranken: Silent Paintings (11/4/00)

David Wiesner at Greenville County Museum of Art (10/23/00)

From Paper to Print - Art of Eric Carle (10/15/00)

after HISTORY: The Paintings of David Bierk (10/14/00)

Keeping Tradition Alive: The Political and Social Prints of Carlos Cortez (10/10/00)

The Secret World of Celia Reisman (10/1/00)

Will Barnet: A Timeless World (9/21/00)

Fusun Gulen: Beneath the Surface (9/16/00)

Jerry Bleem: Transit (9/15/00)

Beck and Al Hansen: Playing With Matches (9/2/00)

Kenneth Tyler: Thirty Years of Printmaking (9/2/00)

Ralph Weigmann: Echoes (8/31/00)

Flathead Valley Featured Artist ­ Linda Katsuda (8/31/00)

Drawn from My Soul: The Art of J. Michael Walker (8/28/00)

Zhe-zhou Jiang, Chinese Ink and Watercolor Paintings (8/28/00)

Robert Van Vranken: Silent Paintings (8/28/00)

Screenshots: Jon Haddock (8/22/00)

The Painted Page: Children's Book Illustrations by Charles Santore (8/14/00)

Where Earth Meets Sky: Paintings by Elemore Morgan (8/11/00)

Inside/Out: The World of Sheila Miles (8/1/00)

Roni Horn (7/20/00)

Suzanne Chamlin: Recent Paintings and Drawings (7/20/00)

Jim Dine: Past Present Future (7/18/00)

The Last Take-Out: Paper Works by William B. Schade (7/13/00)

Giancarlo Impiglia: Retrospective (7/9/00)

Regarding Alex Katz (6/27/00)

Barbara Kruger (6/23/00)

Mary Frank: Encounters (6/5/00)

Visions of Antarctica: Large landscapes by David Rosenthal (5/27/00)

Wall Flowers: Sailor's Valentines by Sandi Blanda (5/20/00)

Bill Rohan: Mindscapes (5/16/00)

Wayne Thiebaud: A Paintings Retrospective (5/13/00)

Richard Stout: Soul's Journey (5/9/00)

Benny Andrews and Nene Humphrey: The Art of Family (5/9/00)

Whitfield Lovell: Portrayals (4/18/00)

From the Front: World War II Watercolors by Peter Sanfilippo (4/18/00)

Dave West: A Retrospective (4/15/00)

Graham Nickson: Dual Natures (4/13/00)

Andrew Bucci at the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art (4/12/00)

The Middle Passage: Drawings by Tom Feelings (4/2/00)

The Art of Gary Carson (3/31/00)

Marikay Peter Witlock: Sacred Spaces (3/18/00)

Sideo Fromboluti: Summer Painting (3/18/00)

American Landscape: Karen Kitchel and Merrill Mahaffey (3/12/00)

Point to Point: Landscape Paintings by Willard Dixon and Peter Loftus (3/11/00)

Nadine Zanow: Recent Paintings (3/8/00)

Chuck Close at The Harwood Museum (3/8/00)

New Frontiers #4: elin o'Hara slavick (3/3/00)

Clyde Butcher: Nature's Sanctuaries (3/3/00)

Edward G. McDowell Travel Grant Exhibition at Art Students League of New York (3/2/00)

Rowan LeCompte and Donald Furst (2/28/00)

The Moment of Form: The Paintings and Monoprints of Don Weygandt (2/28/00)

Where Nature Reigns: The Art of David Lanier (2/28/00)

Miriam Schapiro: Work on Paper - A 30-Year Retrospective (2/27/00)

Half Past Autumn: The Art of Gordon Parks (2/27/00)

Love Struggle: Paintings by John Gwinn (2/23/00)

Apple Canon: Paintings by Thomas Woodruff (2/22/00)

Artists Image the Crone: Archetypes of Womanly Wisdom, by Helen Redman (2/22/00)

Vik Muniz: Seeing Is Believing (2/22/00)

Lisa Zwerling: Primitive Lives (2/21/00)

Barbara Rogers Dreaming of Eden: Meditations on the Garden (2/21/00)

Neil Welliver: Recent Paintings and Prints (2/20/00)

Chicago Cultural Center Hosts Exhibitions by Jane Regan and Marcos Raya (2/19/00)

The Image and the Word - New Work by Carlos Villa (2/14/00)

Trudy Vader: Equus (2/8/00)

Stefan Kramar: Retrospective (2/7/00)

The Magical World of Peter Sis (2/7/00)

Visible Fragments: The Works of Louise Kames (2/7/00)

The Age of Steam and Steel: A Retrospective of the Art of lan Marshall (2/7/00)

Robotic Portraiture by Deena des Rioux (2/4/00)

Mission San Juan Capistrano to Host Fourth Exhibition by Timothy J. Clark (1/26/00)

Bernard Maisner: Entrance to the Scriptorium / Contemporary Illuminated Manuscripts and Paintings (1/24/00)

Philip Morsberger: Paintings and Drawings from the Sixties (1/22/00)

Light on the Familiar: The Paintings of Scott Prior (1/22/00)

Luis Jiménez: Working Class Heroes: Images from the Popular Culture (1/20/00)

Encaustic paintings by Philip Hershberger and Gail Gregg (1/15/00)

Barbara J. Zucker: The Topiary Series - Form and Shadow (1/15/00)

Michael Spafford: Myths and Metaphors (1/12/00)

Mission Welcomes Artist Nicolay Paskevich; Launches Art for Preservation Gallery (1/8/00)

Eyes and Windows: Rainey Dimmitt and Cheryl Tall (1/7/00)

Twenty Years of Painting the Big Island by Timothy J. Clark (1/7/00)

The Clay Grows Tall: The World of Charles Simonds (1/7/00)

Jacob Lawrence and Expressions of Freedom (1/2/00)


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