2002-2003 Resource Library articles and essays with the topic "Figurative and Portrait Art: 20-21st Century"


Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:

Best Friends: Portraits of Sydney and Frances Lewis (11/17/03

Andy Warhol, 1928-1987; essay by Dorothy Joiner, from the catalogue "Works by Warhol: From the Cochran Collection "

Richard Schmid; catalogue introduction by Louis A. Zona (9/26/03)

The Human Comedy: Portraits by Red Grooms (9/23/03)

Eugene Speicher: An Artist Reconsidered (9/22/03)

JFK and Art (9/2/03)

Portraits From Life by Nicolai Fechin (1881-1955) (7/16/03)

Milton Avery Revisited: Works from the Louis and Annette Kaufman Collection (7/11/03)

Big Idea: The Maquettes of Robert Arneson (7/2/03)

Jonathan Santlofer: The Man Ray Series; essay by Gail Stavitsky (6/3/03)

Alfreda's World; article by Martha R. Severens (5/27/03)

Philip Guston Retrospective (5/23/03)

SIDE BY SIDE: Theater Drawings From The 1930s by Al Hirschfeld & Ben Solowey (5/21/03)

Andrew Wyeth: Ericksons (4/29/03)

Leon Karp: The Golden Slippers and the City of Dreams, article by David Karp (4/10/03)

Milton Avery Revisited: Works from the Louis and Annette Kaufman Collection (1/30/03)

Chuck Close Prints (12/12/02)

Hung Liu: Strange Fruit (11/22/02)

Tremont, by Frank V. Dudley (1868-1957) and Female Nude Standing by Easel, by Philip Pearlstein (b. 1924), essay by Gregg Hertzlieb (11/14/02)

Shadow Pictures, 1984, by Timothy Van Laar (b. 1951), essay by Gregg Hertzlieb (10/16/02)

Cecil Clark Davis: A Woman Ahead of Her Time , essay by David B. Boyce (10/8/02)

Big Idea: The Maquettes of Robert Arneson (8/28/02)

Toast of the Town: Norman Rockwell and the Artists of New Rochelle (8/28/02)

John Held Jr. and the Jazz Age (8/27/02)

Drawing Attention: Joyce Treiman on Paper (8/27/02)

Drawing Attention: Joyce Treiman on Paper; essay by Michael Duncan (8/27/02)

Painting on the Edge: The Art of William Beckman (8/2/02)

Art Exhibition Commemorates 225th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine (7/17/02)

William Gropper; essay by Charlotte Sherman and Benjamin Horowitz (7/11/02)

The Great American Nude (6/5/02)

Alex Katz: The Complete Woodcuts and Linocuts, 1951-2001 (5/31/02)

The Perception of Appearance; essay by Norman Lundin (5/25/02)

The Perception of Appearance: A Decade of Contemporary American Figure Drawing (5/22/02)

Robert Henri and His Influence, from the Permanent Collection of the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden (5/20/02)

Capturing Nureyev: James Wyeth Paints the Dancer (5/17/02)

Larry Rivers: Art and the Artist (4/23/02)

The Many Faces of Cleveland: A Century of Portraiture (2/21/02)

Ann Stewart Anderson: Mythic Women (2/8/02)

Hubert Shuptrine; essay by Martha R. Severens (1/28/02)

Graham Nickson: Dual Natures; article by Michael Zakian (1/23/02)

McKendree Robbins Long: Picture Painter of the Apocalypse (1/8/02)

Model/Artist Terry St John: Figurative Drawings 1961-2001; with essay by Terry St John (1/3/02)


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