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Home: Photographs by Richard Colburn


"Rex's Salt Shaker, Linda and Tim's Barbecue, Magnolia, Iowa"


The Hearst Center for the Arts is pleased to present "Home: Photographs by Richard Colburn," on exhibit October 7 through November 24, 1999. University of Northern Iowa art professor Richard Colburn, explores the concept of "Home" by focusing on the notion of food as the spiritual metaphor for family, friends, good times and our sense of belonging or "Home." Mr. Colburn explains: "'Home,' the title for this exhibition, refers to subjects important to me. These include family, friends, places, as well as the comforting rituals of life. Few of the photographs in the exhibition were made in my home or are about my home literally. Rather, the subjects in these photographs refer to a home of the spirit."

As to technique and place the artist says: "The 8" x 10" images are contact prints made from negatives of the same size. Since my 50th birthday I have been using the 8' x 10' view camera to make notes about life. These are equivalent to notations in a visual journnl. Most of the places photographed are in the north and the subjects are emblematic of that region - birch trees, iron soil and root beer colored water, and Lake Superior. These people and places establish for me a resonant sense of being at home."

Mr. Colburn has exhibited widely throughout the country during his career and this exhibition is, in part, made possible with grants from the Iowa Arts Council, the College of Humanities and Fine Arts and the Graduate College at the University of Northern Iowa.

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