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Abbeville Press (look in subject categories for "American Art," "Art History" and "Artist Monographs." When a book is selected go to "Sample Contents" The following books are examples:

Southwestern Indian Jewelry, By Dexter Cirillo. Photographs by Stephen Northup, Michael Monteaux. Contributor Steven Northup, Michael Monteaux. Published 1992 by Abbeville Press. Abbeville says: "Spectacular photographs of the breathtaking beautiful objects and sensitive portraits of the artists combine with an insightful, informative text to capture the spirit of this work and the vital cultures from which it springs. This ground-breaking volume opens by surveying the vividly colored necklaces, earrings, and pins made in shell and stone from prehistoric times to the present, particularly in the Santo Domingo and Zuni pueblos. The focus then shifts to the much-admired and avidly collected work in silver -- often set with turquoise and other stones -- by Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni artists. The book culminates in an exploration of striking contemporary work in which many artists have adapted traditional approaches to create original designs. A collector's guide offers invaluable advice as well as an illustrated glossary of materials, techniques, objects, and designs. A nationwide directory of sources concludes the book." (right: front cover, Southwestern Indian Jewelry. Photo courtesy Google Books) Note: the Introduction to this book may be read at the Abbeville Press web site.

Alaska State Museum

Albany (NY) Institute of History and Art

Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art

Amarillo Museum of Art sells a great many of the American art books in print. Amazon has a feature that allows people on the Web to read text inside books. To use this feature, search in "books," then enter title of book. When book is selected go to "look inside" and read sample pages of the book selected, which may include color images of the front cover, front flap, table of contents, excerpt such as the introduction chapter, alphabetical index, back flap and back cover. Also, some books have a word search feature, which enables registered individuals to search inside the books and pull up individual pages containing the selected words. [Click here for more on's project and other digitizing initiatives.] The following books are examples for reference:

American Art (magazine of the Smithsonian American Art Museum)

American Arts Quarterly

American Arts Quarterly is a publication of the Newington-Cropsey Cultural Studies Center which says on its website: "American Arts Quarterly supports today's burgeoning cultural revival by championing creative individuals in a variety of artistic disciplines. Our authors explore the legacy and current practice of figurative painting and sculpture, the civic and symbolic ideal in architecture and memorials, formal and narrative poetry, structural melody and tonality in music, and demonstrable standards in arts education." The journal is available free of charge to artists, scholars and related professionals. For a complimentary one-year subscription, requests may be sent to: The American Arts Quarterly web page contains links to essays dating back through 2004 including many concerning American representational art. Examples are:


The American Magazine of Art, By American Federation of Arts (via Google Books: full view)

American Craft Council Library Digital Collections

American Folk Art Museum

American Philosophical Society

American Society of Classical Realism

American Society of Portrait Artists

Amon Carter Museum


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