Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz

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Santa Cruz, CA



Susan Kingsley: Postmodern Alchemy


The Museum of Art & History presents, "Susan Kingsley: Postmodern Alchemy," which runs through August 27, 2000.

Objects tell us about our individual and cultural selves, and closely associated with the body, they may define identity, gender, and social relationships. In metalsmith, Susan Kingsley's recent body of work, she beautifully mocks our accepted conventions and shuffles in a wild card of erotic aesthetics, which are exemplified in work entitled, Toothfetish Necklace, Fetish (Herbal-Barbie), and Pheromone Phantasy. (left: 22-Pound Pb Platforms, 1998, lead, cardboard box)

A resident of Carmel, California, Susan Kingsley recently earned an M.F.A. degree in Visual Art from Vermont College of Norwich University, Montpelier, Vermont. About her artwork, Kingsley states: "My intention is to disappoint expectation, to disrupt and undermine business as usual... This work is deliberately deviant, and is friendly to irony, paradox, enigma, and the uncanny. In shuffling myth with wariness and wonder, I seek meaning and pleasure concealed within the chaos of culture." She continues: "Metal is a fluid material. It is of the earth and in our bodies. . . It remains a substance of great beauty, mystery, and knowledge, offering endless possibilities for the postmodern alchemist."

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