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photo: John Hazeltine

San Jose, CA



Daniel T. Keegan Named Inaugural Oshman Executive Director at the San Jose Museum of Art


The San Jose Museum of Art has received a $2 million gift to the endowment fund from the Oshman Family Foundation -- the single largest gift in the history of the Museum. Through the Oshman's extraordinary donation, the Museum's executive director position will be named the Oshman Executive Director, in perpetuity.

Commenting on the announcement, SJMA Trustee Barbara Oshman said, "I speak for my entire family when I say we are extremely proud of our association with the San Jose Museum of Art. We are so impressed with the major strides that Dan [Keegan] has made in the community over these last six months. His impact is evidenced today by the remarkable announcement of free admission for all visitors to the San Jose Museum of Art."

Dan Keegan said, "I am honored and humbled by the Oshman Family's magnanimous gift. This significant donation to the Museum's endowment fund from Barbara and Ken, and their sons Peter and David, is a tremendous signifier of the Museum's ability to engage our supporters in making this institution one of the strongest magnets in the cultural landscape of the South Bay." (left: Daniel T. Keegan. Photo courtesy of San Jose Museum of Art)


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