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Customized & Converted: The Art of the Automobile


This summer of 2001, the galleries at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center will be "geared up" with an automotive theme -- Customized & Converted: The Art of the Automobile.

From the first floor to the third, the galleries will be filled with some of the biggest names in automotive art: Ed "Big Daddy" Roth - who brought enthusiasts the infamous Rat Fink; Von Dutch -- the renowned pinstriper from the 60s and 70s; Robert Williams, who has works in many significant collections, and many others. And, of course, an exhibit of autombtive art could not be complete without cars. Visitors will see a selection of specialty cars, as well as a great variety of wildly painted car parts, gracing the galleries.


Converted: Art Inspired by Car Culture / White Gallery - May 26 through August 25, 2001

This exhibit features two and three dimensional art, inspired by the automobile, as well as unique, historic accessories. From automotive fine art -- including painting, photography and sculpture -- to fine specialty automobiles, this exhibition offers it all. The artwork on display is by some of the most recognized automotive artists, such as Robert Williams, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Von Dutch, Stanley Mouse, Norman Grabowski and newcomer Anthony Ausgang. Visitors will see the elegant artwork of Denise McCluggage, the beautiful pinstriping work of Puebloan John Largent, and artwork from the renowned collections of Bob Larivee and Harry Mathews.


Low 'N' Slow: The Art of the Low Rider / Hoag Gallery · May 5 through August 11, 2001

Low 'N' Slow will make it obvious why low rider art is quickly becoming the sweetheart of the contemporary art scene. Exquisite airbrush technique, pin stripping and detailing will lure visitors into the Hoag Gallery this summer. Viewers may not see the car, but will see the fender, the hood, the tailgate and the door. Accessories will punctuate this work as well as text providing information about the past, present and future of the low rider and the low rider culture. This exhibit will feature magnificent Cibachrome photographs of New Mexican low riders taken by photographer Jack Parsons, a low rider pedal car from Nicholas Herrera and the video "Custom Mambo" by California artist Ruben Ortiz Torres.


Resurrected: The VW Series / Regional Gallery · May 12 through August 18, 2001

For those who have been the proud owner of an old model volkswagen bug, here is a chance to see the VW car in a new light -- through the eyes of a camera. Jack Parsons will exhibit this new photographic series for the first time at the Sangre de Cristo Art Center this summer. Randy Zeleny, of Randy's Stuff from Denver, contributes to this exhibit with remarkable VW memorabilia including parts, advertisements, literature, models and even a VW pedal car. Volkswagen signage, toy replicas and other unique memorabilia will provide irresistible 60s nostalgia.


Speedster Bodies: Celebrating the Hot Rod / King Gallery · April 28 through August 4, 2001

There may not be another automotive genre that evokes as much sentiment as the epic "Hot Rod". In this one-of-a-kind exhibition fine art comes "alive" as paintings of hot rods burst through the canvas. Sculpture and paintings from collectors Bob Larivee, Harry Mathews and Neil East, as well as original work by Mike Matte, Darrell Mayabb, Dave Kurze, Ken Eberts, Bruce Wheeler and Bob Seabeck will be featured in this gallery. (left: Darrell Mayabb, Bitchin)


Car Toons: The Art of Automobile Cartooning / 2nd Floor Foyer Gallery · May 12 through August 18, 2001

Cartoonists C. Cruz, Dave Bell, Pete Millar and Tom Medley, who is known for his character "Stroker McGurk", will grace the halls of the second floor with imaginative cartooning from the auto enthusiast world. All the artists have been featured in national automotive magazines. (right: Fuzz)

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