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Beyond the Mountains: The Contemporary American Landscape


Beyond the Mountains: The Contemporary American Landscape is an exhibition drawn from a diverse group of artworks created over the past ten years. The curator, Michael Klein of the Asheville Art Museum, seeks to redefine what is "the contemporary American landscape."

Pulling from work by artists such as Gregory Amenoff, Jane Dickson, Alex Katz and Robert Moskowitz, Beyond the Mountains:The Contemporary American Landscape dramatically proves that landscape, as subject matter, is inventive, unique and even romantic. The twenty-five artists demonstrate what Klein describes as " evolving need to identify oneself through one's work as well as one's place; one's personal landscape." With landscape artworks ranging from Sangre de Christo, Nambe Pueblo, NM, a petite 10" x 10" oil on masonite by Helen Miranda Wilson to Orchard, an large 75" x 114" x 7" wood shelf comprised of oil, acrylic and mud straw on canvas by Joan Snyder, Beyond the Mountains: The Contemporary American Landscape is a well-rounded survey of the art that continues regardless of art world trends that capture media attention. Landscape as subject prevails; it is neither outmoded,, outdated or passe. These contemporary artists are infatuated with Nature and they reveal to us how they have discovered the wonder, beauty and character of the American landscape. Each artist tells us something about the present-day scene while reconnecting us with our past. (left: Roger Brown, Moving Dunes, 1978, oil on canvas, 48 x 60.25 inches)

Beyond the Mountains: The Contemporary American Landscape is primarily a painting show, with oil on canvas the favored medium. Works in other media include Rain, egg tempera on wood by Sarah McEneaney; Islands, an oil, acrylic and muslin collage on canvas by Dona Nelson; gouache on paper titled Blue Skies by Katherine Porter; and Snow Moon Tracks, a large encaustic, plant and pigment on canvas work by Michelle Stuart.

Beyond the Mountains: The Contemporary American Landscape is curated by Michael Klein of the Asheville Art Museum and is touring under the auspices of Pamela Auchincloss Arts Management.

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