Yellowstone Art Museum

Billings, MT



Myth, Object and the Animal: William Morris


Immerse yourself in the haunting, primal world created by the hand-blown glass of William Morris. From artifacts of ancient civilization to the skulls and bones of extinct creatures, this artwork evokes a time when woolly mammoths roamed the icy plains, and the hunt for them had aspects as spiritual as they were practical.

An instructor at the Pilchuk Glass School in Stanwood, Washington, William Morris is at the forefront of the re-emergence of glass as a major artistic medium in America. his works of hand-blown glass art are both beautiful and intellectually stimulating. His artistry is also a technical achievement of the first magnitude, working within his medium in ways that demonstrate true mastery of the art.

In addition to the Yellowstone Art Museum, the Myth, Object, and the Animal exhibition will travel to the Chrysler Museum of Art and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. It will be on view at the Yellowstone from November 5, 1999 through January 9, 2000. The YAM showing is sponsored by Exxon Billings Refinery. Adult admission will be $8.00.

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