Juniata College Museum of Art

Huntingdon, PA




Lyanne Malamed: Paintings and Drawings

November 17, 2000 - January 20, 2001


Here the faces that are presented to the world are not always real "faces," but rather masks that are meant to hide panic, terror and fear from the rest of society and thus protect the dignity that is retained by these individuals. -L. M.


In this series of paintings and drawings, Lyanne Malamed presents a penetrating, sometimes painful, yet dignified image of older women. These images are not drawn from specific women or particular models, but are drawn from elements, memories, and imagination.

Some of the works represent women in masks, suggesting the roles we play throughout our lives. Others appear as part of a comic/tragic procession, or stand solemnly before a gold ground. Malamed uses gold leaf in many of her works where it creates the aura of a gothic painting. But unlike the golden age evoked by the gold leaf, the paintings are direct, and never sentimental. (left: Birdcatchers, 1999, oil, acrylic, gold leaf on linen)

Lyanne Malamed received her B.A. from Briar Cliff College, in Sioux City, and did graduate work in art at the University of Iowa. Malamed lives and works in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Her works are represented by Rabbet Gallery, in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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