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The Deep End of the Gene Pool


Inspired by an artist's reflections on the Human Genome Project, "The Deep End of the Gene Pool," an installation by Boston University alumna Ann Tracy Montero, will be featured at the Sherman Gallery from Thursday, October 19 through Friday, November 17, 2000.

The exhibition's lushly painted images reflect Montero's musings about recent developments in genetics and her interactions with scientists working on the Human Genome Project. "The rest of the content," she says, "is my own code, the code of this body of work, and the code of this year of my life." (left: Geonomy, 2000)

Chromosomes form the backdrop for each image. One painting shows butterflies in protective bubbles. "Monarch butterflies died when they ate genetically-altered pollen," says Montero.

"It will take many years to fully understand the workings of the human genome," says Montero. "In the meantime I hope the exhibit provokes a dialogue about how we use genetic-based advancements in all aspects of our lives."

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