Brevard Museum of Art & Science

Melbourne, FL



Legacy III: Contemporary Women Artists


The Brevard Museum of Art and Science opened its "Legacy III: Contemporary Women Artists" exhibition on Saturday, July 15, 2000. This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to view a collection of artwork from ten renowned contemporary women artists. Jennifer Bartlett, Carolyn Brady, Viola Frey, Jane Hammond, Holly Lane, Hung Liu, Elizabeth Murray, Mary Neumuth, Naomi Siegmann and Kiki Smith will all be showcased in this exhibition designed to enhance the Museum's permanent collection. "The work of contemporary women artists is a collection focus for our Museum," says Jackie Borsanyi. "This exhibition brings together some of the most respected mid-career women artists working today...ten women with completely different sensibilities who are all powerful communicators of their own personal visions." Regardless of gender, artists like Murray and Bartlett are already recognized by art critics as major innovators in contemporary art. (left: Viola Frey, The Three Hags, ceramic, 49 x 40 x 30 inches, On loan from Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York)

The works are available for purchase for the collection while on exhibit. Aid For The Arts, Inc., a civic organization dedicated to supporting the Museum, has pledged at least $20,000 towards the purchase of work from this exhibition. Contributions to a special museum fund during the exhibition will also go toward the purchase of work. The exhibition will be on display through Sept. 3, 2000. (left: Carolyn Brady, Singing Lamp, watercolor on paper, 26 x 40 1/2 inches, On loan from Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York)

Galleries who have loaned their works for this exhibition are Gemini GEL at Joni Moisant Weyl, New York, New York; Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York, New York; Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle, Washington; Pace Wildenstein, New York, New York; Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Schmidt Bingham Gallery, New York, New York; and Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Miami, Florida.

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