Belknap and Covi Galleries, Allen R. Hite Art Institute

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY



New Deal Murals in Kentucky Post Offices

January 14 - February 11, 2000


The exhibition of photographs of Depression era murals in Kentucky post offices titled "New Deal Murals in Kentucky Post Offices "is based on the Ph.D. dissertation of the same title submitted by Eileen Toutant in the University of Louisville's art history program in 1999. Most of the photographs were taken to illustrate the dissertation; some were made especially for this exhibition by Wes Kent. Dr. Eileen Toutant wrote the essay for the exhibition catalogue. Dario A. Covi is curator of the exhibition.

From left to right: William Bunn, Mississippi Packets (detail), 1940, oil on canvas, 4' 6" x 12'; Loren Fisher, Meeting the Train, Anchorage Post Office, 1942; oil on linen, 3' 4" x 12'' 1"; Ward Lockwood, Daniel Boone's Arrival in Kentucky (detail), Lexington Court House, 1938, oil on canvas, 11' 5" x 8' 1", John Folinsbee, Early Town, Paducah Court House, 1939, 11' 5'' x 8' 1"

According to Dr. Toutant, "It certainly was radical for the United States government to programs during the 1930s, with the country in the grip of the Great Depression. President Roosevelt was convinced to start up these programs by a friend who had noticed the popularity of murals sponsored by the Mexican government. Of course, most of these U.S. art programs (all but one) were intended to provide jobs for artists. The exception was the Treasury's Section of Fine Arts program which was responsible for the post office murals across the nation. The emphasis here was on providing tasteful art of good quality to those who had no experience of art at all and as an aid in raising cultural standards."

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