Crocker Art Museum

Sacramento, CA



Rough Edge: Selections from the Broad Art Foundation

September 8 - November 26, 2000


Provocative and timely, Rough Edge: Selections from the Broad Art Foundation, opens to the public September 9, 2000. During the past two decades, new visual approaches and technique have challenged preconceived notions of what constitutes a painting. The art of Rough Edge is a response to our image-saturated, visual culture -- raising political, social and cultural issues in unexpected and sometimes jarring ways. This bold exhibition, from the Broad Foundation, has been created especially for the Crocker Art Museum.

In a special Ballroom installation, Rough Edge showcases nine, life-size, color photographic portraits from Cindy Sherman's History Portraits series. Sherman, well known to contemporary art audiences, satires conventions and pretensions often associated with art history. Walking the line between comedy and horror, Sherman's photographic portraits confront the audience's emotions relating to art, history, gender and class. This is the first time that selections from the History Series will be seen in Sacramento. (left: John Ahearn, Samson, 1990, oil on cast fiberglas, Courtesy of the Broad Art Foundation)

The exhibition also features important work by such eclectic and original artists as John Ahearn, Donald Baechler, John Baldessari, Ross Bleckner, David Bowes, Richmond Burton, Saint Clair Cemin, Sue Coe, David Deutsch, Ellen Gallagher, Peter Halley, Lee Jaffe, Barbara Kruger, Jonathan Lasker, Sherrie Levine, Candy Noland, Albert Oehlen, Tom Otterness, Robert Therrien, Terry Winters, David Wojnarowicz and Christopher Wool whose work, in sum, reflects the pluralistic nature of the art world at the close of the twentieth century.

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