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Sideo Fromboluti: Summer Painting


Carnegie Museum of Art's Forum Gallery series will present the landscape paintings of New York artist Sideo Fromboluti from April 8 through July 9, 2000. Fromboluti's art, though grounded in the visible world, takes its cues from Abstract Expressionism - placing value on sensation, the importance of the entire pictorial field, and the intensity of the encounter between viewer and painting. The subjects of Fromboluti's paintings are the Wellfleet woods of Cape Cod - a location where he and his wife, painter and Pittsburgh native Nora Speyer, have had a summer home since 1966.

Lightning on Higgins Pond, 1982, diptych, 60 x 120 inches

"Fromboluti begins with an emotional attraction to an image or idea and then allows himself to be guided more by intuition than by a program or system," says art writer and critic Michael Brenson in an essay in the exhibition's catalogue. "He believes that if he can be true to the sensation that drew him to trees at night, or to the triangle of a sail on a pond, that an invisible world of mystery and spirituality will reveal itself. By enabling [this world] to emerge, he will fuse where he came from, what he feels ultimately connected to, and where he is."

Fromboluti, raised in south Philadelphia, studied at the Tyler School of Art. After serving in the army during World War II, he moved to New York and allied himself with The Club, a group of younger, gestural artists and their supporters in downtown New York.

Rising Fog on Higgins Pond, 1993, triptych

Though this association opened up what Fromboluti calls "a private world of inner feelings," he felt that total abstraction was a limitation and, instead, formed a manner of painting grounded in the visual and sensory world. He turned to a more representational way of painting in the 1960s.

Seventeen summer paintings dating from 1960 to 1997 comprise the exhibition. The illustrated catalogue is available in soft cover at the Carnegie Museum of Art Store; a free illustrated brochure is also available.

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