Gibbes Museum of Art

Charleston, SC



Communion of Spirits: The Stories of African American Quilters and Preservers

September 29, 2000 - December 28, 2000


Synthesizing more than 20 years of Roland L. Freeman's documentation of African American quilt makers, this project has several important characteristics that differentiate it from related work. Its scope is both national and inclusive, tracing quilt making by African Americans from its Southern roots to its migration north and west throughout America. This exhibition complements Charleston's annual MOJA Arts Festival which celebrates African American heritage. "Communion of Spirits: The Stories of African American Quilters and Preservers" will be exhibited in the Alice Smith, Garden, and Balcony Galleries.

From left to right: Joseph White,86, Untitled, 1993, quilter from Charleston, SC; Marlene O'Bryant, Seabrook Holding Porgy and Bess, 1993, Charleston, SC; R. L. Freeman, Hand Me Down, My Mother's Work, 1991, all photos © 2000 by Roland L. Freeman.)


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