San Diego Art Institute

photo: John Hazeltine

Balboa Park, San Diego, CA



Anna Zappoli Jenkins

June, 2000


Artist's Statement: "Because emotions rule my life, I celebrate mediocrity in art. The excitement of failure and rejection, all inspire my senses. This passion for simple, unguided surprises leaves my soul young and true. In this light I present myself to you, with all that I have taken from life; I paint, painfully."

"This exhibit features my latest paintings, mostly acrylic on canvas. I am continuing to work large because I like to express myself this way, almost being overpowered by my own paintings. Everything that I experience in life, consciously or unconsciously affects my work. My fantasy and knowledge are my companions when I paint. I like to use my imagination. A thought comes in; it could be a dream or a concern, happiness or sorrow, and that is how I start my work. I like to incorporate the figure in my canvas. I grew up studying Picasso, Dali, Modigliani and Morandi. Picasso was the one artist that influenced my generation the most, not only for his work, but also his philosophy about art. I love to draw and compete in art - it is my little war.

I arrived in the U.S. in 1966. Everything was larger than life and everything was a challenge. All seemed new and green. Indians were not on horses and the mountains were red. My struggle came when deciding to be the artist that I was. Living in San Diego was too lonely, the streets were empty, almost too picture perfect. I went back to school and that lit the fire that I needed to start my work. I began to study sculpture and did bronze casting. I traveled to Yucatan, Mexico, climbing every pyramid that I could find, and fell in love with Mayan & Aztec art. I joined SDAI in 1989 and it was then that I began to display my paintings."

Anna Zappoli Jenkins was born in Catania, Italy. She studied art at the Istituteo Statale D'Arte of Catania, where she received her Degree in Fine Arts in painting. She has exhibited in Italy and the USA receiving numerous awards. Anna studied bronze casting at SDSU and took classes at Southwestern College. She has taught art to children and worked on various projects with other artists. This is her fifth solo show at SDAI.

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