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Beyond the Mountains: the Contemporary American Landscape


The Polk Museum of Art will have on exhibit landscape paintings by 20th century artists in the exhibit, "Beyond the Mountains: the Contemporary American Landscape," which will be on display from May 27 - July 30, 2000 in the Emily S. Macey and Dorothy Jenkins Galleries. (left: Wayne Thiebaud, River Bank, 1996, oil on canvas, 30 x 28 inches)

Twentieth-century artists have had a passion for nature and the landscape. American artists are the fortunate inheritors of two traditions. The first tradition harks back to the 19th century and such landscape-painting pioneers as Thomas Cole, Frederick Church, and Albert Bierstadt. Their absorption with the American landscape was translated through realistic and naturalistic images.

The second tradition comes from the 20th century. Rather than marked by a single style, the century is marked by varied explorations into the formal and conceptual character of painting. Landscapes could be equally diverse and contradictory whether they represented the southwest desert or the New Jersey Turnpike.

Of the 27 painters in this exhibition, whose works date primarily from the late 1990s, few would consider themselves to be "landscape painters." Yet for all of them the landscape is invaluable and crucial to their art. Running throughout the diverse styles and inspirations of these artists is a sense of continuity in the way in which they, and artists before them, have expressed their relationships to their surroundings. (left: David Kapp, East/West, 1992, oil on linen, 48 x 48 inches)

This exhibition has been curated by Michael Klein. The exhibition tour was organized and facilitated by Pamela Auchincloss, Arts Management in New York, New York. Future venues are Boise Art Museum, Fort Wayne Museum of Art and Lyman Allyn Museum of Art.

Annual exhibition fund sponsors include Diamond Level sponsor, the William M. and Nina B. Hollis Foundation. Emerald Level sponsors are, Linder-IMC Agrico Strategic Alliance, the Robert P. Murray Family, Glen W. and Hazelle Parson Morrison Foundation, and In Memory of Mr. and Mrs, Joel Rosseau Belknap. The Ruby Level sponsors include Mr. Brian Swain, FMC FoodTech, Shell Oil Company Foundation, and SunTrust Bank. (left: Alex Katz, Palm Beach, 1997, oil on canvas, 66 x 90 1/4 inches)

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