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Concerning the Spiritual in Art


The New Bedford Art Museum presents through June 16, 2000 "Concerning the Spiritual in Art," a exhibition celebrating the artist's vision of spirituality. Curated by Peter London, this exhibit includes the works of 19 artists, in addition to lectures, symposia and a musical performance series offered at the New Bedford Art Museum, and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, College of Visual and Performing Arts. Artists, theologians and educators will debate on the significance of the spiritual with regards to art. (left: Joyce Zimmerman, Hagar, mixed media)

The spiritual dimension is the dominant component of the majority of art in throughout history. Yet as taught and practiced at universities, and in most academic settings, the absence of spiritual concerns is the norm. Nonetheless, the spiritual dimension is the most influential factor in determining the look and purpose of much of the world's art, including contemporary art, although it goes mostly unspoken and unobserved. The same is true in every art form. This series of lectures, symposia and the exhibition intend to bring this rich, instructive dimension of our lives and art to the community. (right: Danny Mydlack, Species, hydrostone)

Although most often associated with religious traditions, the spiritual dimension need not be associated with a religion or even with the religious; the spiritual need only be associated with what might be termed, "issues of ultimate concern." It is this generous interpretation of the spiritual that will guide the selection of artists and issues for the proposed program.

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