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SITE Santa Fe Receives Ford Foundation Challenge Grant


SITE Santa Fe will receive a challenge grant in 2000 of $1 million from the Ford Foundation in order to stimulate new support from individual donors. SITE Santa Fe will match the $1 million challenge grant by raising $2 million over the next three years in new or increased gifts from individuals. Of the total funds raised, $2.3 million will establish a general operating budget, and $400,000 will create a working capital reserve. The remaining funds will enhance the organization's fund-raising capacity.

"I am very proud that SITE Santa Fe has received the grant, given the competitive pool of cultural organizations nationwide," said Louis Grachos, SITE Santa Fe's Director and Curator. "This grant is especially important, as it is indicative of the growing support of SITE Santa Fe in the art community."

Based on a national study of over 200 arts organizations, the Ford Foundation selected 28 cultural institutions representing the variety and scope of imaginative work taking place across the arts disciplines throughout the country. Individually, each of the 28 organizations is shaping stronger financial management structures and cultivating stronger connections to the public. Additionally, the Ford Foundation only selected financially healthy institutions that are capable of meeting the responsibilities of the challenge grants. Taken together, the organizations, which range from young to long-standing, represent the diversity and vitality of the nonprofit arts sector today.

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