New Mexico State University Art Gallery, Williams Hall

Las Cruces, NM



Vincent Figliola

November 6 - November 12, 1999


Vincent N. Figliola, award-winning art director and advertising creative director, moved to New Mexico to express his purely creative leanings in a new landscape. Although he won the highest awards for advertising nationally and internationally over the past 25 years in New York City, while directing campaigns for corporations such as Chanel, Revlon, Smirnoff, and Club Med - the artist found it impossible to continue because his love of money was less than his love of expression. In his own words, he came to New Mexico..."to paint, and evoke feeling in graphite as a new genre." The artist's preferred media include graphite drawing and oil landscape painting. This one man exhibition of the art of Vincent Figliola opens November 6, 1999 and runs through November 12, 1999 at the University Art Gallery in NMSU's William Hall, just east of University Avenue and Solano Drive.

While in the Fine Arts program at Temple University, Vincent was awarded the Salvador Dali Drawing Competition and offered an apprenticeship in Spain. Born in Harrison, New York in 1936, Vincent N. Figliola currently resides in desert/mountain landscape in Las Cruces, New Mexico. His work is included in selected corporate and private collections, nationally and internationally.

The following professionals have said of Vincent:

"Stunning work. Will be one of the important painters of this century. Has surpassed realism."

-Lee Castelli, Manhattan, New York

"The artist has created a -whole new genre. He paints with pencil. These aren't black and white pen and ink drawings because there's an infinite variety of textures and feelings in tones. He's actually painting with the pencil."

-Isabel Trimper, Corporate Art Unlimited, Westport, Connecticut

This exhibition was organized by The Friends of the Gallery.

Photos courtesy of artist.

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