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Philipe Halsman: A Retrospective


Showcasing the work of one of this century's most brilliant photographers, Philipe Halsman: A Retrospective is a free exhibition which opened at the Toledo Museum of Art on November 14, 1999 and runs until January 9, 2000. (left: Phjilipe Halsman, self-portrait, 1950, Halsman Family Collection)

Photographs of celebrities are Halsman's most recognizable. The photographs are so well known that even those who don't know Halsman's name will recognize them. His photographs of Marilyn Monroe at her stunning best, poised in a corner with just a hint of shy sexuality are often seen in magazines and postcards. Audrey Hepburn was another favorite subject. He examined her playful, coy nature and displayed this in the photographic art. His works also include Marlon Brando, Brigitte Bardot, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Lucille Ball, Sid Caesar, Alfred Hitchcock, and many others.

The list of celebrities also included politicians and famous families, such as Herbert Hoover. Halsman's wit freed his subjects of inhibition, creating photographs that revealed the individual, not a façade. Photographs of his subjects jumping became a signature trait. Richard Nixon, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor--and even Mrs. Edsel Ford jumped for Halsman's camera. (right: Duke and Duchess of Windsor, 1956, Halsman Family Collection)

Philipe Halsman's career began in France where his dramatic flare brought him much attention. His photographs quickly gained acclaim. Unable to obtain a visa for the United States during the German occupation of France, he had to flee Paris for Marseilles. Fortunately, Albert Einstein intervened, helping Halsman enter the States.

Launched by his photograph of Connie Ford in front of an American flag, Halsman's American career skyrocketed. He became the foremost authority on photo-journalism, a relatively new occupation at the time. His renown grew and Halsman eventually had photographed over 100 covers for Life magazine. (left: Connie Ford, 1941, National Portrait Gallery)

Halsman had an interest in surrealism, which led to collaborations with Salvador Dali. Their projects together spanned 30 years and included the famous picture, Dali Atomicus from1948. The picture displays Dali, Dali's paintings, several pieces of furniture, thrown water, and cats all apparently frozen--or suspended-in mid-air. (right: Dali Atomicus, 1948, Halsman Family Collection)

Philipe Halsman: A Retrospective displays the best of all his different works. The exhibition is free and will be open during normal Museum hours.

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