Treasured Artworks at the Texas Capitol


Congress Avenue at Eleventh Street

Austin, Texas


Louis Eyth, Ranger Encampment

c. 1880s, oil on canvas, 18 x 30 inches, 1997.7 Donations provided by various sponsors. Collection of The State Preservation Board, Austin, Texas.


Louis Eyth migrated to Texas in the early I840s and settled in Galveston, training with the well-known daguerreotypists and artists, Blessing and Company, in 1873, he was commissioned to copy a famous portrait of Stephen F. Austin. Eyth's copy, as well as the original painting, both survive in the Texas Capitol's collection. The state commission brought him to the attention of historian and art: collector James DeShields, who became his patron. Eyth moved to San Antonio and worked as an illustrator for DeShields' books; he was known for representing historic scenes with spirit and accuracy. Stephen F.Austin and Ranger Encampment appear to be two of the few surviving paintings signed by or attributed to this important Texas artist. Additional representations are in private collections.

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