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Taos Artists and Their Patrons:1898 - 1950

April 16 - August 6, 2000


A major exhibition that focuses on the art produced in the northern New Mexico community of Taos opens at The Albuquerque Museum Sunday, April 16, 2000. "Taos Artists and Their Patrons:1898 - 1950" features the most important paintings created in Taos through the year 1950 and is the first exhibition to examine the diverse forms of patronage that made it possible for artists to live and work far from the nation's art centers. In no place did the relationships between artists and their patrons play a more pivotal role in American artists' economic and creative survival during the first half of the twentieth century than in the remote mountain community of Taos. (left: William Herbert Dunton, Pastor De Cabras Neo Mexicano, c. 1926, oil on canvas, The Albuquerque Museum)

"Taos Artists and Their Patrons:1898 - 1950" features more than 80 works in all media by artists such as John Marin, Marsden Hartley, Robert Henri, William Victor Higgins and Walter Ufer. Notable works include "Star Road" and "White Sun" by Ernest L. Blumenschein, "Lady, Please Buy One Chicken" by Bert Geer Phillips and "Antelope" by Ila McAfee, all from The Albuquerque Museum's permanent collection. (right: Victor Higgins, Mountain Farm, c. 1935, watercolor, 16 x 23 inches, Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame)

This exhibition was organized by The Snite Museum of Art at the University of Notre Dame. The Albuquerque Museum is one of only five locations where the exhibit will be shown.

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We suggest two books for further reading on the Taos Society of Artists. First is "The Taos Society of Artists" - Harwood Museum. Second edition. Includes Constitution, By-Laws and complete Minutes of the Taos Society of Artists. Art collectors and historians will find this book invaluable. Provides new perspectives on the early Taos artists. Paintings by members of the Taos Society of Artists may be seen at the Harwood Museum and the E.L. Blumenshein Home and Museum. B/W, 126 pp, 1998, hard cover, author Robert R. White. The second is " The Taos Society of Artists: Master & Masterworks" - Harwood Museum. A good overview of the Taos Society of Artists. Brief essays on all twelve members, complete with illustration of their work from The Gerald Peters Gallery. Harwood Museum. 4-color, 125 pp, 1998, soft cover, author Amy Scott.

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