The Art of Herb Kornfeld


Herb Kornfeld (b. 1915), born in Great Falls, MT and trained in Los Angeles at the Chouinard School of Art with Palmer Schoppe, is as colorful as the pictures he paints. A seasoned traveler, Kornfeld has journeyed to China, Sweden, France, Greece, England, Mexico, Canada, and throughout the United States, painting in remote as well as accessible villages and cities. For months on end, he settles into a community to extract its spirit and flavor. (left: 40 Acres and a Mule and Now the Darned Mule's Missing (Barns and Boats Series), oil on canvas, 24 x 39 inches)

These sojourns have included a trip to England, following the Thames River From its mouth to its source and months spent traveling with a well-known circus in Canada to capture on his canvases the highs and lows of circus life. The California coast has been an ongoing passion for Kornfeld which he has painted extensively over the years. "Just when I think I have painted every inch of the California coast, I find some exciting inch I've missed," states Kornfeld. (left: Baled Gold (Barns and Boats Series), oil on canvas, 24 x 42 inches; right: The Tide Pool (California Shores Series), oil on panel, 13 x 33 1/4 inches)

Herb Kornfeld's home base and studio are in Hollywood, California. His paintings, mostly created outdoors on location, can be found in private and public collections throughout the world. He has exhibited at the Long Beach Museum of Art, The Downey Museum of Art, The U. S. Navy Museum, Charles M. Russell Museum, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum and The American Academy of Arts. (right: Fords Farm, England (Thames Series), oil on canvas, 28 x 32 inches)

Text and Images courtesy of Jerome Adamson, Jr. Jerome Adamson is a Beverly Hills, CA dealer in 19th and 20th Century American and European art of investment quality, with a focus on genre paintings and important works by historical Plein-Air and Modernist California artists. Mr. Adamson's phone number is 323-653-1015


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